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More Details From Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games has slowly been pulling back the shroud surrounding their upcoming game Killzone 2, a Playstation 3 exclusive title which has been noted for its impressive visuals and animations. Going into a little more depth than before, Game Director Mathijs De Jonge and Producer Steven Ter Heide recently performed an interview with gaming website 1UP.

Speaking of the demo level played during E3 2007, Heide noted that it was only one level of the game, and could not be considered representative of all of the content or direction with the title. He also noted that the level itself was not finished or finalized.

Looking back, Heide reminisces about his teams response to the original Killzone 2 trailer which generated so much controversy. They knew, he said, that they had to live up to a lot, and deliver on their own lofty vision.

The pair touched on user generated content, noting that any decisions on user generated content have yet to be made. The team was very impressed however with Home, and applauded Media Molecule for their vision of user generated content in LittleBigPlanet, the collaboration platformer which has been generating buzz since its unveiling at the Game Developer's Conference this year.

The team, they explained, will finish creating the content for the game, and then move on to polishing the visuals and the gameplay, the latter of which Heide emphasized as being paramount for Guerrilla Games' development team.

The game is tentatively slated for 2008 release, with the hope for a public beta in the near future.

Source: 1UP