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Inside PlayStation Network - Weekly Recap (May 16 - 20, 2011)

Welcome to our weekly recap pertaining to all things Inside PlayStation Network. Every MON-FRI, PSU shines the spotlight on a piece of content plucked from the digital delights of Sony’s online service, be it a chunk of DLC, PSOne Classic or regular PSN release. In case you missed out on any of this week’s entries, here’s your chance to catch up and see what titles we dissected under the microscope.

Monday – Dino Crisis

Back in 1999 Survival Horror was at its peak. Resident Evil had reinvigorated the lagging genre with the stonking original and its mammoth sequel, a third game was on the horizon, Code: Veronica was in the works for Dreamcast and Silent Hill showed Konami also knew a thing or two about making you reach for a fresh pair of undercrackers. Capcom, however, fancied a new take on the proceedings, and the result was Dino Crisis; a RE-style horror game that ditched traditional zombies and other bio-weapons in favour of blood-thirsty dinosaurs and other should-be-extinct monstrosities. (Click here for full article).

Tuesday – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Based on the comic book of the same name, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World carries the distinct aroma of nostalgia about it, featuring a retro-tastic 16-bit aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place in the early 90s. If side-scrolling beat ‘em ups are your thing, then this should be right up your street. Playing as the eponymous high-school brat himself, gamers have one overall objective: fight your way through seven stages to and pummel your girlfriend’s evil ex-boyfriends into submission. (Click here for full article).

Wednesday – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Released in summer 2010 to critical acclaim, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light sees the dexterous, titular heroine and partner Totec on the trail of an ancient demon chap named Xolotl. The duo’s exploits take them deep into the Mayan jungle as they run, jump and gun their way through cobweb-filled catacombs and other long-forgotten locations. The action can be played solo, or you can bring a mate along for the ride thanks to the game’s co-op functionality (which took its bloody sweet time to arrive on PS3, we might add). Click here for full article.

Thursday – Final Fantasy VIII

While most gamers are only too happy to wax lyrical about Final Fantasy VII when taking a nostalgic glance back to the late 90s, the more discerning FF aficionado has been known to highlight FFVIII as the series’ most competent PlayStation offering. Often overlooked in favour of Cloud’s magnum opus, FFVIII is certainly no slouch, and for many represented a more traditional take on the venerable Square RPG behemoth. Fortunately, you can decide for yourself, with the game now available on PSN. (Click here for full article).

Friday – Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

The PSP version remains one of the portable's most celebrated beat 'em ups, running at a blistering 60fps as well as offering ad-hoc functionality without the need to own more than one copy of the game. New to DR is the inclusion of Tekken Dojo, where gamers can square up against other player’s ghost data download online. A Gold Rush mode is also up for grabs, where you battle opponents for cash to spend on various items for customising your combatants. In addition, DR also chucks in fresh updates of the popular mini-games Tekken Bowl and Command Attack. (Click here for full article).