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Podcast Derailed - Episode 04

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on 26 August 2011

Holy crap, we’re still allowed to post these? Well, I’m not complaining, and neither are you, apparently. Our listeners demanded more, and we delivered (a little too much since this is actually the second podcast posted this week). Don’t get confused with our Gamescom podcast that was posted earlier this week, this is a brand-spanking new dose of the PSU force in full... farce?

In this episode we’re joined by Mike, our Managing Editor from the U.K. along with the usual crew, Adam (Executive Editor), Matt (he’s just Australian), and Don (writer/editor, platinum).

Mike and Don go on a love boat together talking about some of the best (and worst) from the survival horror genre, Matt let’s us know how sleepy he gets playing Fallout New Vegas DLC, and Adam gives us the heads up on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. All that and much more in this week’s Derailed.


Podcast Derailed - Episode 04 (MP3) - 1:28:04 - 82.2mb
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