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5 things to consider in your PS3 setup

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on 7 October 2011

The holiday season is here once again, and with it comes the inevitable barrage of Christmas shopping. Needless to say, consumers are undoubtedly going to be forking out for the latest in home entertainment, among which includes PlayStation 3 and 3D TVs.

Of course, this means an influx of new PS3 owners, who may benefit from some assistance in learning the best setup that will maximize the looks and efficiency of their entertainment arrangement. As such, here are five things to consider for PS3 newbies and veterans alike when setting up your console and the items around it:

5. An Entertainment Center

If you don’t already have an entertainment center, consider investing in one. This huge piece of furniture not only protects the expensive electronics housed within, but generally looks nice in the living room. However, entertainment centers can be quite costly, so as a general rule of the thumb, try to get the most for your buck. This does not mean cut corners, but rather consider buying a well-made but expensive one over a lesser quality cheaper piece. Think about it, you will most likely pay more for it in the long run.

4. Place

When you bring your 3D TV, PS3, and other bulky gadgets home, it is wise to already know where you will put them. Your living room is most ideal; it is probably the most spacious room in your home (we talk about space later in this article). Also, when considering a place for your entertainment system, make sure your chosen position is not on or near the floor. The last thing you want is dust or other particles getting into your PS3 or sound system, causing malfunctions. Finally, you will need a place that is convenient: and that excludes areas that family members can trip on or run into your electronics. Again, the living room most likely fits the bill as you’ll typically have the largest amount of room to play with.

3. Energy Efficiency

You will need an energy efficient setup, as this not only cuts down your electric bill, but is good for the environment. You should contemplate a slim PS3 model over the bulky original model; the slim PS3s use less energy and use it more effectively. Although energy star TVs and products are more expensive, you need to consider them over normal electronics. After all, purchasing a slim PS3 and energy star TV will save you money when it comes to your electric bill.

2. Space

When setting up your 3D HD TV and PS3, you must consider space. What area in your home has a good amount of space? You not only need room for your things, but space so that the items can ‘breathe’. A lot of electronic devices have vents or ways of circulating air through the system and your PS3 is one of them. Therefore, it is wise to leave space on all sides of your PS3, allowing the system to ‘breathe’ and ensure your hardware doesn’t look cluttered. Aside from that, you may also need room for cords and external cooling fans or other general things.

1. Safety

Last, but not least, when arranging your products, particularly the cords, you need to consider safety. Purchasing and placing your items into an entertainment center would not only protect your investments, but the most curious family members as well. Pets, such as cats and dogs, are prone to chewing on lose wires and other such items, potentially causing damage to both the equipment and themselves in the process. Infants and toddlers are likewise not above coming into contact with cords, risking harm in the process. Needless to say, it is best to put these things away when not in use and to supervise children who are nearby when playing your PS3. One of the most important things to consider is the placement of miscellaneous cords. As you should already know, having a bunch of cords plugged in near each other is a fire hazard -- take care when deciding how to hook them up.

Oh, and before we wrap, let us give you one more tip: when lifting heavy objects, remember to lift with your knees bent and your back straight!

Article by Shawnee Lee