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Game of the Month: October 2011

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on 1 November 2011

We’re well and truly in the thick of things now as we creep into November and gear up for what promises to be a monster software line-up. However, before that, it’s time to cast a reflective glance back at October’s wallet-draining pleasures as we once again endeavour to crown one title with our Game of the Month award. Last month really upped the ante in terms of game releases, and while September had its gems, it wasn’t exactly difficult to pick a winner considering we were coming off the back of a dismal summer draught. 

October however has spoilt us rotten, bringing with it the Caped Crusader’s triumphant return to consoles with the sprawling, villain-packed Batman: Arkham City, and DICE’s FPS heavyweight Battlefield 3. Aside from that, we also had overlooked music sim Rocksmith, which PSU’s Adam Dolge heaped praise on in his review – make no mistake, this ain’t no Guitar Hero. Also worth a punt is the brutally brilliant Dark Souls, and as the spiritual successor to 2009’s Demon’s Souls it certainly lives up to its hair-pulling, controller-slinging legacy. Needless to say, those of us who were strapped for cash were faced with some tough decisions last month.

With that said, now we come, inexorably, to staple-gunning our Game of the Month accolade to a worthy winner. This was a pretty close call, though we ultimately plumped for Batman: Arkham City. Dark Souls very nearly had it in the bag, but given that the Dark Knight’s latest romp is in our eyes unequivocally a strong contender for Game of the Year, we felt the decision was perfectly justified. With Arkham City, developer Rocksteady has created a captivating adventure filled to the brim with iconic villains, heaps of side quests and a gripping narrative, while expanding on Arkham Asylum’s already brilliant combat and gadget system. It’s not overwhelming to put off casual Batman fan, but long time comic book aficionados’ will have a field day with the amount of detail that’s crammed into this bat-tastic adventure. Oh, and then there’s the chance to play as the sultry and stealthy Catwoman – need we say more? The only question now remains is, providing Rocksteady wants to do another one, how on earth are they going to top this? 

Here’s what PSU wordsmith Adam Dolge had to say on the game below – be sure to check out the full thing here

It’s a dark, moody, and depressing game set in a world equally as bleak. But the level of detail in the city is awe inspiring. Yes, it borrows heavily from other games, but it also provides a complete package. There is something for just about everyone here, and if the eye candy isn’t enough to turn you on, know that there is enough content to keep you occupied for a long time, especially with New Game+. There may be some core components that aren’t perfect—for example, I’m really not a huge fan of the relatively simplistic FreeFlow Combat system, but I know it works—but as a complete package, it’s hard to find another game worthy of your hard-earned cash. Batman returns in one truly amazing game, and we simply can’t wait to see what Rockstedy comes up with for the third installment.”

Don’t agree with your choice? Be sure to let us know what you feel deserves the accolade for Game of the Month – October 2011 in the comment section below.