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PlayStation Vita Unboxing - UK Launch

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on 12 January 2012

It seems like we’ve been waiting for an eternity, but finally PS Vita has landed at PSU towers. 

UK editor, Steven Williamson received a mysterious brown package this morning and decided to film the initial moments unraveling his shiny new black gaming device with the enthusiasm of a man who had just met up again with his long-lost lover (keep an ear out for what sounds like groans of pleasure as he caresses those lovely analog sticks.) 

Excitement slightly got the better of him and he neglected to mention the 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera on the PS Vita, which is easily done considering it’s so tiny, nestled just to the top left of the four action buttons. 

Sit back and enjoy this little taster of PS Vita ahead of its launch of February 22, 2012. Over the next few weeks and beyond, PSU will be the site to visit for coverage of Sony’s new hand-held, bringing you a comprehensive hardware review and opinions on as many launch titles as our sore analogue-twiddling, button-mashing fingers can manage. When Steven has finished making love to his Vita we may even furnish you with a few features or two.