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5 Prototype 2 tips for beginners

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on 26 April 2012

When you’re in the thick of it and the odds seem so incredibly stacked against you, Prototype 2 can be extremely challenging. This short guide, which gives you tips on how to beat the bad guys, is aimed toward beginners who may be feeling a little out of their depth.

- In the midst of a battle keep moving and don’t be a sitting duck. Multiple enemies hone in very quickly on your position so moving around will make it more difficult for them to take you down. During combat the health bar does not regenerate, so avoiding attacks is just as important as unleashing them. Restore health by consuming enemies or humans. During a battle, consuming humans is the easiest option as they don’t fight back!

- Take out the toughest enemies first. These are the guys who will also dish out the most damage. Instead of moving in between multiple foes, concentrate on one at a time before moving onto the next. When you’re surrounded by enemies try using your Devastator attack, which will give you some much needed time to breathe. The Tendril Barrage sends out spikes from Heller’s body and impails everyone around him.


- Defense is just as important as offense. Use Heller’s shield ability to deflect rockets or parry incoming enemy melee attacks. Be careful though because the shield only lasts a certain amount of time before it breaks, and takes time to regenerate. Use the shield wisely to deflect projectiles and when surrounded by foes. Deflecting bullets will send them back toward the enemy and can achieve multiple kills to alleviate some of the pressure.

- Dismembering enemies is a great tactic. It slows them down considerably and gives you more time to think and plan your strategy. Dismembering will give you precious seconds that you need to deal with other enemies. Take the legs clean off a foe to slow him down and then concentrate on the others around you. You can finish him off later now that he poses less of a threat.


- Upgrading is crucially important if you want Heller to grow in power throughout the game. Jump into the Blacknet side missions to earn bonus EXP and level-up faster. Upgrading your vehicle finishing ability will prove to be tactic that pays off in the long run. Some of the trickier sections later in the game throw helicopters and tanks at you in abundance and they can be a real pain to shake off. With a powerful vehicle finisher you can get them out the way quickly and efficiently.

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