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Classic Tracks: Devil May Cry 3's 'Battle Theme 1'

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on 12 May 2012

Music is a powerful medium. Capable of stirring up long-forgotten memories and evoking powerful emotion in the listener, music can reduce even the burliest of blokes into blubbering, crumpled heaps. And who says that us guys are afraid to show their sensitive side? Poppycock. Of course, video games are no exception to this rule, and as often is the case, a stellar soundtrack can greatly accentuate the on-screen antics, elevating even the most perfunctory scene to hard-hitting greatness.

In a continued celebration of some of gaming’s ear-pleasing aural accomplishments, PSU presents yet another instalment in our on-going Classic Tracks series. This time around we get down and dirty with devilishly daring rock number from Devil May Cry: Dante’s Awakening.

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Name: Battle Theme 1
Soundtrack: Devil May Cry 3 Original Soundtrack
Composer(s): Shawn McPherson

Still considered the pinnacle of the DMC series, Dante’s third hack-‘n-shoot adventure is set to a finger lickingly solid soundtrack of growling vocals, blistering guitars and thumping beats. Battle Theme 1 is no exception, and ticks all the boxes. As with the majority of vocal-based tunes in the soundtrack, the song features an angst-ridden performance by Shawn McPherson, who yells about blood, death and gives off a general vibe of someone who’s about to get a serious pasting. In other words, the perfect musical companion to Dante’s demon-slaying antics, and one of the most adrenaline-fuelled pieces the series has to offer. As you’d expect, the tune plays through the game’s rudimentary battles early on in the game, after which another, equally hard-hitting number replaces it. While perhaps not as iconic as the soaring ‘Devil’s Never Cry,’ Battle Theme 1 stands out as a killer tune that wouldn’t seem out of place on any fitness fanatic’s workout music mix – go on, give it a try.

Check out the track and full lyrics below.


The flinch in your eyes calls your bluff
Feel free to die when you've had enough
Useless cause is breaking your back
Your life will end when you attack

Make your move
Make your stand
Make the win
(Hah) Like you can

See the war
See me rule
See the mirror
You'll see a fool

To take me out you must fight like a man
(To take me out you must fight like a man)
You've yet to proven that you can
(You've yet to proven that you can)
I see your might it compares to something
That is if something is nothing

Time to figure
Time to sin
Your times done
When you begin

Live for suffer
Life for revenge
Know your life
Comes to an end

Taste the blood
Taste your fate
Swallow your pride
With your hate

Your last breath
Your last stance
The last of all
In your command

Knee's in the blood 
With your crying pleas
Wade in your sorrow bathe
In your fear
Clear your mind
From righteousness suffered
Witness the moment your
Failures Prosper