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These are the 5 games Sony will use to 'win' E3

on 30 May 2012

With the rumors of Microsoft planning to unveil a new console at E3, the spotlight has been placed on Sony to prove that the PlayStation brand is far from dead.

Let’s face it: Sony probably won’t be showing any new hardware next week at E3. The company still needs to sell more gamers on the already-released PlayStation Vita, and we wager that it’ll push the Move one last time. But, most of all, Sony will bring tons of games to the show – a strategy that often results in a company “winning” E3.

Here are the 5 games that we bet will “win” E3 for Sony:


5. The Last of Us

Have you seen the latest trailer? We think this might be “Game of E3 2012.”


4. Quantic Dream’s new game

If David Cage’s new game is anything like project Kara, we’re in. We can’t wait for this one.


3. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Although it’s already been announced, Sony has to prove to gamers that this isn’t just a smash bros rip-off. Seeing as Solid Snake might be just one of the many characters included in Battle Royale, we’re anxious to see Sony get a bunch of new, cool characters in this one. Oh yeah, and a Vita version.


2. Call of Duty Vita

Since Activision announced that Call of Duty would be making its way to Sony’s new handheld, first-person shooter fans have been curious to see what’ll come of this partnership. If the Vita has proven anything, it’s that it can handle an FPS. We see a scary future where people are playing “Call of Duty Vita” against each other at coffee shops.


1. New mystery game

We’ve been hearing rumors. That’s all we can say. Sorry.

Make sure to check back to PSU for extensive coverage of E3 2012 starting next week. You can count on us to keep you fully informed with a plethora of updates.