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PlayStation Derailed - Episode 24 - E3 2012 Wrap-Up, The Last of Us, Dust 514

on 15 June 2012



We’re back in action after a long week. We didn't have an episode last week -- you know, because of that "E3" thing and all -- so that means this episode is 2x as awesome (at least).

Join Don Oliveira, Mike Harradence, and our special (returning, again) guest as we dive into everything that was PlayStation at E3. We even talk about Microsoft and Nintendo. This week’s news, some reviews, a whole lot about The Last of Us, Dust 514, Beyond: Two Sould, and way more all in this very derailed episode of Derailed.


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PlayStation Derailed - Episode 23 - 2:14:14 - 61.4MB


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