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Dust 514 closed Beta starts today - get your codes here

on 29 June 2012

Wow, you really messed up, didn’t you… You totally failed to acquire one of those much-sought-after Dust 514 closed Beta codes. Now you have to deal with everyone else on the internet having tons of fun this weekend, without you.

But, wait – there’s hope! PSU is the light at the end of your dark, depressing, Dust-less, out-of-beta tunnel.

That’s right: we’ve got Dust 514 closed beta keys to give away to you – today! It’s easy to win; you’ve just got to tell your friends that PSU has the hookup.

You can enter on facebook, twitter, in the comments section below, or all three (entering all three will improve your chances of winning)! Here's how to enter:

- Like us on Facebook, tell us why you want the Dust 514 Beta

- Follow @PSUdotcom, Tweet this: Want a Dust 514 Beta key? @CCPGames and @PSUdotcom have you covered! Click here & RT to get one!

- Comment below, tell us why you want the Dust 514 Beta

Act fast – Beta code supplies are limited, and we’re giving them out today. First come, first serve!

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