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Journey vs. Warhawk - The Ultimate PS3 Showdown, Round 1

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on 24 July 2012

The Ultimate PS3 Games Showdown has officially kicked off! We've set out to decide the Best PS3 Game of All Time, but we need your help. Through a series of match-ups, we'll narrow the field until only the best of the best remain. All you need to do is click the link below and cast YOUR vote in our official poll!


The Contenders:


thatgamecompany surprised us all whent ehy topped the already artistically brilliant fl0w and flower with a game (experience?) that drew emotions like no other. Journey is a powerful, albeit short, odyssey that subverts convention and offers subtle lessons on the importance of companionship as we find our way in this world and life. At least, that's what some think - Journey is wide open for interpretation and one of the best things you'll find on the PlayStation Network.


Warhawk is a remake of a PSone gem and, despite its age, still offers one of PS3's best and most iconic multiplayer thrill rides. An early champion for Sixaxis control and the freedom of the PlayStation Network, Warhawk effectively combined open-world warfare and fast-paced gunplay, and was all the more compelling for it. Despite the recent critical acclaim received by sci-fi successor Starhawk, there's little denying that Warhawk set the bar for multiplayer exclusives on PS3 and has scarcely been topped since.

Which of these two games deserves to move forward in our competition? Cast your votes in the official polling thread, and be sure to vote in all our match-ups to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!