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inFAMOUS vs. Battlefield 3 - The Ultimate PS3 Showdown, Round 2

on 30 July 2012

The Ultimate PS3 Showdown is back, and Round 2 has officially begun! We've narrowed our field of the best PS3 games ever from 32 to 16, and the competition is heating up fast. How do you choose between "amazing" and "amazing"? We don't know, and that's why we're turning to you. Cast your vote in this match-up to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!


The Contenders:


Cole MacGrath may not be the most interesting Sony character to look at, but he’s certainly one of the most fun to play. The original superhero adventure presented in inFAMOUS is as electrifying as its protagonist, blending open-world Empire City with an intriguing plot straight out of a comic book. Big action and even bigger plot twists defined Cole's journey, and have made inFAMOUS a sea-worthy PlayStation exclusive, right up there with the likes of Uncharted and God of War.

Battlefield 3

One of 2011's biggest shooters also marked the debut of DICE’s most impressive game engine to date, Frostbite 2. Gorgeous visuals highlight Battlefield 3's absolutely bombastic campaign, and you just can’t get such sprawling multiplayer sessions anywhere else. Whether on land, in air, or on foot, you’ll always be doing something intense in Battlefield 3. Pair that with the rather engaging single-player story, and you’ve got one of the best shooters available on PS3.

Which of these two games deserves to move ever closer to the crown? Cast your votes in the official polling thread, and be sure to vote in all our match-ups to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!