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PlayStation All-Stars Character Profile: Sweet Tooth

on 7 August 2012

In preparation for the impending release of Sony and SuperBot Entertainment's crossover brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (of which we are very, very excited), we thought we'd take a look back at the playable fighters we know are coming to the game and bring you up to speed with detailed character profiles that dig a little deeper into what makes each hero (and villain) tick.

Today, we're profiling Sweet Tooth, the psychotic clown-turned-serial killer and face of Twisted Metal. His weighty fighting style and diabolical weaponry will reign down destruction this October.


Seen in: Twisted Metal series, Hot Shots Golf 2, War of the Monsters

Bio: Though the iconic face of Twisted Metal has undergone several redesigns since his original form, Sweet Tooth has appeared in every one of the Twisted Metal titles since the series' inception in 1995. This psychotic clown has had almost as many different vehicles as facelifts, but his ice cream truck is the mainstay.

Sweet Tooth's real name is Needles Kane, and his story begins with breaking out of a mental institute, in which he was sentenced for crimes as a serial killer. He is directly responsible for the creation of Axel, having killed Axel's wife. Kane is also responsible for reducing Cage to a mere head and torso because of a dispute over who was the best serial killer.

Despite his thirst for blood and lack of remorse, not every incarnation of Sweet Tooth has been gruesomely violent. One appearance, in the game Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, casts Kane as a small kid who applies to win some ice cream. At the end of the game, Calypso offers him some ice cream, but in response, Sweet Tooth takes Calypso's truck and terrorizes him. Guess you can't teach an old serial killer new tricks!

Shining Moment: In a revelation of pure evil, it is revealed during Axel's ending cinematic in Twisted Metal: Black that Sweet Tooth is the one who killed his wife. In response, Sweet Tooth delivers the following line, in as haunting a voice as you'll ever hear: "Your wife... she didn't die easy. You should know - she begged for you as I killed her."


Level 1: Sweet Tooth straps a bomb onto another player and kicks them before the bomb explodes.

Level 2: Sweet Tooth fires a remote missile that he can freely guide toward other fighters.

Level 3: When Sweet Tooth unleashes his mechanized form, the only thing you can do is pray. A giant mecha Sweet Tooth appears carrying rocket launchers and gatling guns, targeting everything in its path.