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PlayStation All-Stars Character Profile: PaRappa the Rapper

In preparation for the impending release of Sony and SuperBot Entertainment's crossover brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (of which we are very, very excited), we thought we'd take a look back at the playable fighters we know are coming to the game and bring you up to speed with detailed character profiles that dig a little deeper into what makes each hero (and villain) tick.

Today, we're profiling PaRappa the Rapper. This skateboarding dog brings musical talent and kung-fu expertise to the arena, and his 2D art style makes him arguably the game's most visually-distinguished character.


Seen in: PaRappa the Rapper, PaRappa the Rapper 2, Um Jammer Lammy

Bio: PaRappa the Rapper is the titular hero of the rhythm-based action game of the same name. PaRappa's quest is more or less to get some respect from his love interest - easy enough to identify with, right? The game itself tasks you with completing a number of raps via timed button presses, but the real hooks here are the charming lyrics and PaRappa's bright personality. Heck, there was even an anime series release that was based on his games!

Of course, the timed sequences of PaRappa the Rapper are by no means simple. Your quest to win the love of Sunny Funny will test your button-mashing and precision to the extreme, but completing the ludicrously catchy songs is all the more rewarding for it. PaRappa will always be endearing to us for his failures and his triumphs, which make him one of PlayStation All-Stars' most relatable characters. The fighting moves and kung fu taught to him by the iconic Master Onion aid him in battle, alongside his trusty skateboard. A bit of trivia - "parappa" means "paper-thin" in Japanese.

Shining Moment: PaRappa's best moment has to be the training he undergoes as a student of Master Onion. Simply put, the song rocks. Once you’ve listened to it, it will stick with you forever. It's just that good.


Level 1: PaRappa unleashes a small short-ranged kung-fu attack.

Level 2: PaRappa skates around the arena in a manic fashion knocking out anyone who comes into contact with him.

Level 3: PaRappa begins rapping and instantly KO’s anyone in hearing distance.