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Holiday Guide: 7 Blu-ray movies you must own

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on 12 December 2012

PlayStation Universe has put together a holiday guide for all the budding gamers out there, old and new. We're covering all things PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, accessories and Blu-rays, and we're aiming to help you find the perfect products. Since its release, the PS3 has been known for providing an awesome gaming experience, but it's also popular as a Blu-ray player. That's right; if you just bought a PS3 and know very little about it, you'll be happy to learn you know also own a Blu-ray player.

Bu-ray allows for vast amounts of data to be stored on just one single disc. This year many games and movies have taken full advantage of this and it really allows for great high definition visuals and sounds to be re-produced the way it has always been intended. This year alone has seen some top, amazing blockbusters hit our screens. PSU has delved into the masses to find the amazing goodies for any avid Blu-ray owner.

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The Avengers
Marvel Studios
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The Avengers was one of, if not the biggest, smash blockbuster to hit this year and every PS3 owner would do it justice to bag themselves this amazing movie for their Blu-ray collection. The movie brings together a spectacular array of different clashing personalities, such as the Norse god Thor, Tony Stark's Iron Man, the first superhero Captain America and the unstoppable green machine the Hulk, into a team with the deadly Black Widow and the sharpshooter Hawk Eye. You couldn't ask for a more action-packed cast within one movie at any one time. With the team taking on a great evil that threatens the world, this will visually stun you and a Blu-ray copy allows you to watch it to its fullest extent.

You will be able to pick up the 3D/2D version, which comes packed with the ability to watch the great 3D visuals on the PS3 with your 3DTV, but the 2D still packs a punch for those who still wish to witness the great visuals. For those who might want a complete collection there is The Avengers 6 disc box set that comes with all the previous superhero movies that the cast has appeared in along with The Avengers.

The Dark Knight Rises
Legendary Pictures, Syncopy Films, DC Comics
Warner Bros. Pictures

The Dark Knight Rises takes the famous bat hero on a conclusion course in the final film in the trilogy from the great director Christopher Nolan. And what a dark and gloomy movie it is. Spoiling those who like their comic heroes, the Dark Knights Rises forces the Batman into taking on his toughest enemy yet, Bane. Forcing the Batman to take on Bane, only to be crippled and sent to the dark and seemingly inescapable prison, he's left to die with his pride broken and his will shattered as he watches Bane tear Gotham to dust. Can he rise once more?

There is no doubt that this is a must have on Blu-ray to witness the epic conclusion to this immense trilogy. Looking about, you can get your hands on the single disc, which comes with a digital copy, or you can even opt for grabbing the trilogy edition, coming with the complete set of sheer bat excellence.

Men In Black III
Amblin Entertainment, P+M Image Nation
Columbia Pictures

Fancy taking your sci-fi side for a wacky and fun adventure? Why, of course you do. Men in Black III does just that. After a long hiatus from the big screen, the Men in Black franchise returns after nearly 10 years since the last installment. The movie rejoins Agent J as he takes on a new mystery that will catapult him through time in search of what happened to his friend Agent K. One thing is for definite: This is a sure fire buy for that Blu-ray collection. The visuals are stunning, with the true quality of Blu-ray showing just what it's made of, and all the little extra sounds make it truly immersive. You couldn't ask for a more futuristic adventure.

You can either choose to go with the awesome 3D version to truly get the most out of your PlayStation 3 system, or you can opt for the normal Blu-ray edition, which still gives you a truly epic thrill ride of sci-fi goodies. Both editions come with their respective digital copies.

The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition
Wingnut Films, The Saul Zaentz
New Line Cinema

With so many great releases this year you might ask: "Wait, why is this here?" Well, you couldn't ask for more by encompassing all three great epic journeys from The Lord of the Rings trilogy into one amazing box. But with the release of The Hobbit everywhere this winter, it couldn't be a better time to pick up this amazing box of greatness. Many won't be a stranger to The Lord of the Rings, but if so then you're in for a treat. The Fellowship of the Ring starts off this three piece epic, following a group of unlikely allies in a journey to take the "one" ring to Mount Doom where it was first forged. The many great battles in The Two Towers will have you on the edge of your seat and The Return of the King brings the great winding journey to its epic conclusion. The whole time you will be left wondering, will they actually make it?

So with The Hobbit hitting this winter and this being a great set in one box you couldn't have a better reason to pick this up and delve into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien and discovery what all the fuss is about.

Hunger Games
Lionsgate, Color Force

The Hunger Games is certainly one of those movies that has a lot of themes and messages going on in it. Attracting similarities between it and Battle Royale it depicts the story in a post-apocalyptic future where boys and girls as young as 12 and up to the age of 18 must take part in "The Hunger Games" as tributes from each District. Protagonist Katniss puts on a splendid display but stirs things up with the formula that has went on for years. That in turn changes how everything ends.

From beautiful lush forests and nitty gritty mud locations, you'd be daft to not own this one on Blu-ray. It is a great survival-of-the-fittest movie that will keep you guessing what comes next. It comes in a two disc unseen edition that includes some extra goodies.

Walt Disney Pictures

Do you feel like delving into a bit of a Scottish world? Then hit up Brave. This amazing looking movie from none other than Pixar makes every single vibrant colour snap out at you only on Blu-ray. This is perfect for all the family to enjoy as it takes you on an wild adventure with the hero Merida, a skilled archer who must seek out a way to undo an evil that has falling unto her mother. Follow Merida as she travels through some breath-taking environments that make you envy such astounding scenery, all while admiring the brilliant attention to detail in character personality.

Brave is one of those films that takes the formula of Scottish movies that are hard to make and slams it down with great adventure and characters. That makes it a must have Blu-ray purchase. Pixar has done an excellent job bringing one of the more difficult type of movies to our screens and allowing you to pick it up on either Blu-ray 2D and 3D, so head out with some courage and pick up this great adventure on Blu-ray.

Scott Free Productions, Brandywine Productions
20th Century Fox

Prometheus is one of those films you're always going to ponder: Why now? Why this? Why that? But it also makes you really think and tries to explain what happened before the time of the Xenomorphs in the cult classic Alien film. Follow a group of scientists as they head to an unknown planet on the Prometheus ship to discover the engineers and find out their purpose. Though with any alien affiliated movie, nothing goes right. With the discovery that the engineers were using the area as something else other than what it seemed, all hell breaks loose.

It is something that you can only marvel at on Blu-ray, with the 2D/3D version available, allowing for those fortunate to grab the move capable of witnessing this title in all its great stunning visuals. It even comes with a sneaky digital copy. If you fancy delving that bit deeper, there is the massive and astounding Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution box set containing all the films and goodies any Alien fan could ever dream of, all in excellent high-definition visuals and sound thanks to the Blu-ray.

With all these great titles and many more that lurk out there, Blu-ray owners have a lot to look out for. With amazing visuals, astonishing sound quality, and all the great goodies in between, you'd be daft to not have them. Check out PSU's other gift guides to help sweeten the deal of must haves this Christmas.