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Holiday Guide: PlayStation-related Christmas gifts

on 12 December 2012

As the Christmas season gets underway, people around the world are getting stressed, grumpy and frantic as they run around shops and malls like headless chickens in a rush to get gifts for all their loved ones. Their brows are low and their faces pale and tired. You can see they are troubled to be away from home, wading through a sea of other tired and jaded shopping zombies. Don't join them. Instead, let me show you some of these awesome Christmas gift ideas that you can get from the warmth and comfort of your home.

The assassin Aveline graced the Vita recently in the well received Assassin's Creed: Liberation, which came as part of a bundle and a standalone retail game. PSU gave the game an 8, read the review here. This handheld assassin experience isn't complete without the officially licensed Assassin's Creed dressing gown however. Inspired by Assassin's Creed 3, this robe will offer the greatest comfort as you kick ass in Colonial America.

When it's time to put the gaming aside and get back to that pesky 'real life' thing we are cursed with, you need to look cool, calm, calculated and ruthless. Right? Nothing will help you achieve this more than Agent 47's black blazer. While a certain marketing blunder failed to hit the mark, you'll never miss yours when you don this sharp looking piece of attire. PSU gave Hitman: Absolution an 8, check out what we had to say here.

Sometimes when you talk to your girl, have you ever had the feeling that what you're saying is going in one ear and out the other? Yes? Then these Portal earrings will suit her perfectly.

Last month, the Portal 2 In Motion DLC was released on PSN. It added Move functionality and added many new and interesting gameplay mechanics only possible with the PlayStation Move.

Resident Evil 6 may have rained on the parade of those who were hoping for a return to its survival horror roots, but don't let anything else rain on you with this Umbrella...err, umbrella! Sporting the iconic red and white of the Umbrella Corporation's logo, you'll be ready for anything, from light showers to zombie outbreaks. PSU gave Resident Evil 6 an 8.5, you can see how it fared here.

If none of these things grab your interest, why not just treat the recipient of your Christmas generosity with a one year PS+ subscription. They will surely think of you as Sony offers them access to over 45 games for the PS3 and Vita each month as the year gets going.

Check out PSU's Holiday Guide: 10 great games for your PS3 for more ideas and stay tuned to PSU this season as we show you what Sony's got going on this Christmas.