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Are we ready for PS4 when we have these game releases on PS3 in 2013?

on 18 December 2012

It only seems like yesterday that I unboxed my VHS video recorder-sized PlayStation 3. Sony’s 2007 console barely fit in my T.V. cabinet it was so big, yet I was immensely proud to display such a magnificent gaming machine for all to see.

It does, however, seem like a very long time ago when I was playing launch titles like Resistance: Fall Of Man and Fight Night Round 3. Since those initial days, developers have had plenty of time to really get to grips with the PS3 hardware and its capabilities and in its final few years we’re witnessing the best of what’s on offer.

With the PS3’s life-cycle likely coming to an end in 2013 as PS4 or PlayStation Orbis becomes the new kid on the block, Sony and third-party developers still have a lot in store for the console in 2013. Judging by the great-looking roster of upcoming games, Sony’s black box is about to go out with an almighty bang.

Do these first-party treats whet your appetite?
Is there a PlayStation fan out there who isn’t excited about The Last Of Us and Beyond Two Souls, both of which are hoping to make a huge impact in 2013? Jaws dropped at the trailer and gameplay footage of The Last Of Us, which shows how far developers have come over the past five years with a cinematic experiences that blurs the lines between fiction and reality.


Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls is a unique concept that should make a lasting imprint on the industry by pushing the boundaries of interaction in a videogame while interweaving the curious themes of spirituality and psychology into one thriller-soaked package. Both games have the potential to pay a fitting hats-off tribute to the PlayStation 3 in 2013 leaving gamers excited for the arrival of Sony’s next-gen console and licking their lips at what the next generation line-up of software could produce.

Familiar faces make a welcome return
2013 is a massive year for some of the world’s biggest franchises. We’re talking Devil May Cry, God Of War, Tomb Raider, BioShock, Crysis and Grand Theft Auto; need we go on? GTA V alone is enough to get most PlayStation fans quivering with excitement, but we also can’t wait to see how SCE Santa Monica Studio has revamped the weapon and combat system for God Of War: Ascension, witness the rejuvenation of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise, and see how the BioShock franchise has evolved with the third iteration, BioShock Infinite. Let’s not forget Ubi’s big franchises either with Rainbow 6 Patriots and Splinter Cell Blacklist looking to make a major impact in 2013.


New IPs
We’ve already mentioned The Last Of Us and Beyond Two Souls, but third-party developers are also poised to shower us with host of new IPs in 2013 that they hope will be remembered long after the PS3 has graciously bowed out. The pick of the bunch has to be Watch Dogs, which takes the very relevant concept of information warfare and thrusts us into an attractive open-world setting based on Chicago. Ubisoft says that it will "go beyond the limits of today's open world games.”

Eyes are also on the PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last Guardian, developed by the talented Team Ico, known for Shadow Of Colossus. One thing we can guarantee about The Last Guardian is that it will be totally unique, unlike anything we’ve played on PS3 before. With Team Ico behind it, we can also be assured that it will look incredible.


There’s a lot more to look forward to in 2013 with games like DUST 514 pushing the boundaries of console gaming by creating an experience that brings together the two worlds of PC and PS3 in one gigantic sci-fi universe, and South Park: Stick Of Truth, which could well end up being one of the funniest games of this generation. Whatever genre you like, 2013 looks set to deliver something for everyone and we’re pretty confident that PlayStation 3 is set to go out on a high with a stunning software line-up.

What I think this software line-up shows is that there's still plenty of life in the PS3 yet. After the initially teething trouble, developers have finally got used to the hardware and in the last few years have created some incredible games that take advantage of its power. Are we actually ready for the PS4? Isn't the PS3 just hitting its stride?

Note: The PS4 has not been announced to launch in 2013.

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