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PSU: Game of the Year

on 20 December 2012

With the 2012 gaming calendar all but wrapped, there’s only one thing left to do – celebrate the year’s best titles spanning a variety of genres. However, PSU.com has this year decided to inject a little twist into the proceedings. Instead of deciding on things ourselves, we’ve given you, the PSU community, the keys to the castle so to speak, with the list of nominees and ultimate winners decided entirely by our loyal readers. Whether it’s Sports, RPG or Action/Adventure, you guys have been voting manically for the past seven days or so, deciding the cream of the crop among 2012’s gaming greats. Simply put, this is YOUR Game of the Year Awards.

So, without further ado, let’s finally announce the community's pick for Game of the Year, as decided by you lovely chaps and chapettes.


This was a pretty good year for PlayStation fans, but as some commented in our community vote, 2012 wasn't the best year we've seen. Still, there were plenty of great games to fill our time. Our community put votes in sequels of popular franchises like Mass Effect and Max Payne, while newcomers like Sleeping Dogs and Gravity Rush didn't go without notice. Some of the biggest contenders came in what seemed like small packages as Journey proved to offer quite a fight for its spot as the best of the year. The Walking Dead also turned a lot of heads in 2012 and snagged a fair share of the vote for best game, while Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 flexed their guns to fight for the win. This competition was one of the closest, but after all the votes were counted, we see there is a clear favorite...

And the winner is...

Far Cry 3

As the latest entry in the calendar year, Far Cry 3 made a major impression in our community, and even our staff. Ubisoft's open-world shooter secured the most votes, but Journey and The Walking Dead came in fairly close second and third place. Far Cry 3 had it all: An engaging story, interesting characters with terrific dialogue and development, a have-it-your-way approach to gameplay, a lush open world, fun co-op and multiplayer, and terrific graphics and sound. This was one of PSU's highest rated games of 2012 and we had very little complaints--outside from some occasional graphical issues and hit-or-miss vehicle use. But you don't just have to take this reviewer's words as the community also picked Far Cry 3 as the top game of the year. We would like to congratulate Ubisoft for putting out this incredible game and we can't wait to see what's in store for the franchise.

Read a snippit of our review below:

"Ubisoft created one of the best open-world shooters and easily one of the strongest games of the year. It blows other shooters this year out of the water (with the exception of Borderlands 2) and, in my opinion, is Ubisoft's best game to date. That scenario described above is just a typical 20-30 minutes in Far Cry 3, yet you can easily get 30+ hours out of the single player campaign. Practically every element blends together to create an insanely powerful title, and that's not even talking about the story. That's because the setting is the real star of Far Cry 3. Sure, there's an interesting narrative filled with entertaining and quirky characters, and a story that deals with some heavy, heavy themes, but what's available outside the story missions is so vast, so enticing, and so entertaining that it's hard not to explore every cliff, every radio tower, every shanty town, every cave, and every inch of the vast islands and jungles."