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5 great post-apocalyptic games to play now that the world hasn't ended

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on 21 December 2012

Finally, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief. Mayan prophecy, or should we say the people who interpreted it, hasn’t come true and as you’ll be fully aware the world didn't end on December 21, 2012 as predicted. So, this is a perfect time to laugh in the face of - and stick two fingers up at - the doom-mongers by indulging in your own post-apocalyptic fantasy and the kind of videogames that make you happy to be alive and living in a “normal” world.

Rejoice in the fact that you’re not part of a small group of survivors battling against zombies and disease, or part of a warring faction fighting for the remaining scraps of food, by playing one of our top five favourite post-apocalyptic adventures.

FallOut 3

The highlight of Bethesda’s popular open-world RPG series is arguably FallOut 3 which takes place in the year 2277 following a nuclear apocalypse. The game captures the post-apocalyptic era with some style with the sparse and foreboding landscape of the Capital Wasteland ripe for exploration, but also a haven for monstrous enemies. With an atmosphere thicker than a haunted graveyard, Fallout 3 has a host of brilliant characters and a dynamic combat and levelling system that hooks you in from the outset.


Borderlands 2

Don’t let the cartoony graphics fool you, Borderlands 2 is one of the best post-apocalyptic action RPGs/shooters of the last few years with a huge range of exciting quests set on the planet of Pandora, a place where civilisation has settled in search for alien technology. In the first game, things go wrong as dangerous alien wildlife fight back at the settlers and the rich folk escape the planet leaving the poor to fight it out. Borderlands 2 takes place five years later with four new tough-as-nails hunters fighting for survival. With a variety of playable characters, branching skill trees, four player online co-op and loot aplenty, Borderlands 2 is one of the most rewarding games of the last few years.


The Walking Dead

The episodic point-and-click adventure from TellTale is based on the Robert Kirkman comics, rather than the T.V. series as survivors of a zombie apocalypse try and do everything in their power to stay alive. Widely considered to have revitalised the aging point-and-click adventure game genre, The Walking Dead has been praised for its emotive story-telling, immersive RPG-style dialogue options that affect the plot-line, and exciting bouts of action. There are now five episodes available to download so there’s no excuse not to enjoy, and you will, the entire first series. Get the tissues ready for the grand finale!


Half-Life 2

Valve’s first-person shooter has spawned a videogame legend in Gordon Freeman, the theoretical physicist who finds himself engaged in a battle for survival against both alien and human forces. You could argue that the Half-Life series only loosely fits into the post-apocalyptic category, but this is a good an excuse as any to show our love for one of the greatest videogames of all time. Boasting an incredible atmosphere, strong story-telling and memorable characters, it’s no exaggeration to say that the shooter mechanics and level design in HL2 make a mockery of some modern day shooters. This is FPS gaming at its finest.


Tokyo Jungle

Though Tokyo Jungle may not be as well-known as some of the choices we could have made, we’ve had a great time prowling the streets of Tokyo as an animal. There’s no game like it as wildlife roams the city in a survival of the fittest as you level up by eating other animals. There’s a massive variety of playable animals including Giraffes and Lions and an addictive loot system to boot. Tokyo Jungle is a bizarre concept that on paper shouldn’t work, but in reality the challenging gameplay and excessive violence is an enticing blend, and what could possibly be more entertaining than watching a giraffe savaging a bear?


Other recommended post-apocalyptic adventures: RAGE,I Am Alive, Deus Ex, Resistance: Fall Of Man, Bioshock , Darksiders and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.