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Classic Gaming Moments: #9 - Meet the new-look Dante

on 31 January 2013

Put your feet up and get comfy as we indulge in yet another one of gaming’s classic moments. Last time around we took a nostalgic glance back at Dante’s stylish pizza-munching, demon-slaying introduction from Devil May Cry 3. This time around we bring things up to date, though admittedly having been so impressed with the recent DMC reboot, we couldn’t quite leave Dante in the dark just yet.

As such, we’ve plucked one of the most iconic, ostentatious scenes from Ninja Theory’s marvellous hack-‘em-up, which sees Dante getting dressed in the midst of his trailer taking a beating.

- - - - - -

It’s intimidating enough when you’re tasked with rebooting a franchise as prolific and beloved as Devil May Cry, but even more so when you give the series hero a radical facelift. Indeed, Ninja Theory’s Dante had to put his stamp pretty sharpish upon booting up DmC, and that’s exactly what the foul-mouthed demon hunter does.

After whoring it up for the night, we are introduced to new-look Dante as he lounges about in his trailer, half-eaten pizza and clothing strewn about the floor. After future sidekick Kat wakes him up (completely naked we might add, not that Dante gives a toss), our hero finds himself under attack by a demon that proceeds to drag the entire fairground and pier area into Limbo; the city’s demonic alter-ego that’s crawling with baddies. The demon then proceeds to latch onto Dante’s trailer with a hulking great claw, which doesn’t sit too well with our hero. In response, the big brute pulls the trailer towards Dante, who then leaps through the inside as it flies through the air.

We are then treated to a ridiculously awesome slow-mo sequence with Dante getting dressed while zipping through the trailer in mid-air, while conveniently-placed food items cover up his modesty before he slips effortlessly into his jeans. Suited and booted, our cock-sure demo killer arms himself with his trusty Rebellion, ready to slice up a fresh group of approaching demons. All in a morning’s work for the new-look Dante, then.

Check out this classic gaming moment below.