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This Week's Top Stories: February 18 - 23, 2013

23 February 2013

Welcome to another instalment in our weekly news digest where the team at PSU Towers picks our favourite slices of gaming gossip from the past seven days. See below for the week’s highlights.

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This week of course was rather significant, as it marked the official reveal of Sony’s hotly-anticipated next-generation console, PlayStation 4. With a deluge of reports having flooded in from the New York City-based PlayStation Meeting on Wednesday, we have compiled every pertinent report in a handy hub article.

Hit the link to be taken to our PS4 news round-up, where you’ll find every major announcement from the PlayStation Meeting – specs, screens, game announcements, the works. See below for the rest of the week’s hottest news.

PS Vita gets price drop in Japan

As announced moments ago via live webcast, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will reduce the price of PlayStation Vita in Japan from roughly 25,000 yen to 19,980 yen, effective February 28.

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U.K. Charts: Aliens: Colonial Marines is new no.1

Critically-panned shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines has nabbed the top spot on the U.K. All Format Charts following its global release last Tuesday.

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Resident Evil 1.5 is now available in rough playable form

Resident Evil 1.5, the colloquial term coined by fans for the scrapped version of Resident Evil 2, has been released in playable form online.

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‘Unannounced PS4 game’ in development, Super Stardust HD composer involved

The existence of PlayStation 4--and a new project from Finnish developer Housemarque--is now all-but-confirmed, thanks to the LinkedIn profile of Ari Pulkkinen, composer behind Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation.

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Naughty Dog is prepared for the jump to PS4

The co-presidents of Naughty Dog have said the company has learned from its mistakes during the leap from PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3, and as such is better prepared for the transition to Sony’s next-generation platform.

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Rock Band DLC is finally coming to an end

The Rock Band DLC phenomenon is finally coming to a close this spring, Harmonix has announced.

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Hotline Miami for PS3 and Vita asks: ‘do you like hurting people?’

The super-violent, top-down action game Hotline Miami will launch on PS3 and Vita this Spring.

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BioShock: Infinite has officially gone gold

Ken Levine, co-founder of Irrational Games, announced today that the studio’s hotly-anticipated BioShock: Infinite has gone gold.

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Battlefield 4 seen by GameStop boss

Publishing giant Electronic Arts has been flexing its Battlefield 4-sized muscles off behind closed doors recently.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launches on PS4 in 2014

CD Projekt RED has today confirmed that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will launch on PlayStation 4 in 2014 and will be the final episode in the RPG series.

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Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC announced

Mass Effect 3: Citadel, the final chunk of single-player DLC for the celebrated sci-fi RPG, will be released in March, Electronic Arts has confirmed.

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PS4 attracts praise from id Software’s John Carmack

The co-founder of id Software has heaped praise on Sony’s decision-making for PlayStation 4 hardware.

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Ubisoft calls for shorter console cycle for PS4, Xbox 720

Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, has called for a shorter console cycle for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 in comparison to their predecessors.

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Sony waiting for ‘right time’ to show off The Last Guardian

Sony has stepped up to apologise to gamers awaiting new information on Team ICO’s long-delayed The Last Guardian.

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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes may have release troubles due to controversial topics, says Kojima

At PAX Prime last year, the public was shown the very first trailer of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next chapter in the Big Boss timeline. In a recent interview with franchise creator Hideo Kojima, it appears that Ground Zeroes might not release in its current state.

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