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5 DUST 514 features that many don't know about

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on 19 March 2013

DUST 514, the ambitious MMO shooter from CCP Games, can be a lot to absorb  for the uninitiated. The following are five features of DUST 514 that fly under-the-radar for many mercs out there, yet are so valuable to know and can be a major contributor to your field success. 'Nuff said; let's get into it!

Free Onikuma Light Attack Vehicle (LAV)

Equipment can be divided into 2 categories: Blue Print Originals (BPO) and Blue Print Copies (BPC). BPO items are infinite and will never run out; BPCs will disappear when you die. One very important BPO which everyone starts the game with is Onikuma Light Attack Vehicle. This small jeep is able to get you from A to B with a passenger and turret operator and can be deployed by pressing right on the D-pad, selecting Vehicle, then LAV. In about 15 seconds, a VTOL will drop off your free Onikuma at your location. While it's the weakest in-game vehicle and doesn't stand a chance against most tanks or anti-vehicle builds, it is a very quick way to get you to where you need to be and can drastically cut down your travel time to unguarded objectives on larger maps. Don't join other mercs in their marathon--roll up in a ride!

While a LAV might outmanouver a dropship or tank, it can't outgun them. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Squad up!

Unless you're part of a corporation, chances are you will be going into battles with a bunch of random people. As soon as you load into either the map or the pre-battle warbarge room, press Select and navigate to the Squad tab. Here, you can join a squad or form your own. A team of one-man armies is a team of chaos and confusion. By joining a squad you are better able to coordinate your efforts for the good of the team instead of running around like Lone Wolf McQuade. Better still, use a mic to communicate with your squadmates, giving you four times the eyes and firepower over a typical solo soldier.

Squad Commands

DuBoi187, a director of PSU GHOST SYNDICATE, explains the importance and benefit of this function:

"What are they? They are commands issued by the squad leader which will give the squad direction and organization, and will give a 20% boost to the War Points earned when in the vicinity of the marked objective. This is the key to getting a 2nd or even 3rd orbital strike--a laser bombardment that is earned when a squad collectively earns 2500 WP. When you find yourself in the position of squad leader, it is important to issue squad orders. There are two ways commands can be issued:

Method 1 - Press down on the D-pad of the controller and a map of the battlefield will be displayed. Here, you can highlight objectives like installations, turrets, supply depots, a person, or a vehicle; basically, anything you can hack or interact with. Once an object is highlighted, press X to make a few more context-dependent options appear, like Capture, Rally, Defend, and Attack. Select what you want to do by moving the right analog stick; in most cases, you'll want to capture or defend. This method is good because you get to see the map when issuing orders. However, you're left vulnerable to attack, so use this method carefully during moments of respite.

Method 2 - While holding down R2, click R3 (right analog stick) and select the desired command. After selecting the order you wish to perform, your aiming reticle will turn into an order icon. Aim the icon at whichever objective you choose and hit R1 to issue the order. This method can be used on the go without having to stop and bring up another menu.

After the squad leader issues an order, any squad members in the vicinity of the objective will earn 20% more WP.

Additionally, when a squad member scores a hack, kill, or assist around an objective set by the squad leader, the leader gains a commission bonus; 10 WP for a kill, 20 for a hack, and 5 for an assist. In addition, issuing the Defend command on one of your squad members will give them a 20% WP bonus as well as giving the squad leader the aforementioned bonus commissions.

This small increase in War Point accumulation adds up to more orbital strikes!"

It never gets old.

Chat Channels

When you're in your merc quarters, press Select on the controller to open up DUST 514's chat menu. Here, you'll find a few tabs. Notifications is at the top and is where you will find squad invites. If you select the + tab, you can start your own chat channel or join someone else's. - the chat channel for PSU GHOST SYNDICATE. Feel free to have a chat with us there.

LFSquad - for anyone who is looking to squad up with other mercs when not in a corporation. This group likes using mics and teamwork, if that's what you'e after.

Custom soundtrack!
Hardly anyone knows this, but the legendary chaps at CCP were cool enough to incorporate the PS3's under-used custom soundtrack feature. This means you can play any of the music on your PS3's HDD as you kick ass in New Eden. Don't believe me? Press the Home button on the control and navigate to Music on the XMB and select and MP3. You're very welcome!

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