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PS4 deals - the best PS4 pre-order bundles

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on 1 August 2013

With the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 quickly approaching, punters have begun flocking to retailers and online stores to get their pre-orders in to secure their shiny new next-generation console on release day. Expectedly, there are a myriad of deals and bundles up for grabs beyond the standard console pack, all baying for your hard-earned cash. Concurrently, it also means that pre-orders aren’t going to stick around for too long, so you’ll need to plonk down your cash pretty sharpish. In fact, rumors have started floating about that they’ll be a cap on pre-orders as soon as August 5.

With this in mind, has decided to cobble together a list of what we perceive as the best PS4 pre-orders from around the web on both sides of the pond. Hopefully, it’ll make your decision-making that much more enjoyable and less of a headache.

Read on to see what we’ve dug up.

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GameStop – Knack Bundle
Price: $519.97 (free shipping)

GameStop was always going to be at the forefront of PS4 bundles, and you could easily do a lot worse than this ideal starter pack. For one, you not only get a copy of SCE Japan Studio’s upcoming PS4-exclusive platformer, but two DualShock 4 pads – the perfect springboard for next-gen multiplayer gaming. Friends not included.

GameStop - Killzone: Shadow Fall Bundle
Price: $459.98 (free shipping)

Another GameStop pack, this one will get you started with the basics: a shiny new PS4, assorted cables, one DualShock 4 pad and a copy of Guerrilla Games’ scrumptious-looking Killzone: Shadow Fall. Yes, it’s the barebones deal, but you get a PS4 and one of the console’s most anticipated launch titles--what more could you want?

Amazon – Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle
Price: $499.90 (free shipping)

Retail giant Amazon is offering much the same as GameStop in terms of PS4 + one game deals, but this one is particularly juicy: a PS4 bundle featuring Battlefield 4 and PlayStation Plus. With news that you’ll now need to subscribe to Sony’s admittedly excellent premium PlayStation Plus service to take PS4 online, this bundle is the perfect companion to get you started--and what better way to experience next-gen online gaming than with a copy of BF4? Needless to say, this is suited to newcomers who haven’t got PS Plus or have yet to join the PlayStation family. Keep in mind you can also get the same deal with Killzone instead of BF4.

Walmart – PS4 Console Solution Bundle w/ DualShock 4 and game
Price: From $576.96 (free shipping)

This is a pretty meaty bundle, but those of you who have the cash to splash out on Sony’s next-generation console, you can’t get much better than this. Not only do you get the standard PS4 and DualShock 4 combo, but you also receive an additional pad, PlayStation camera and a game of your choice. So, you’re equipped for single-player and multiplayer gaming, and with a game tailored to your choice.

Walmart – PS4 Console Starter Bundle
Price: From $459.00 (free shipping)

This is one of those handy pick ‘n mix bundles where you have the basic PS4 console plus a choice of an accessory, extra controller or a game of your choice. So, you can either get the console with the camera, another DualShock 4 pad or any title. Maybe you fancy some first-party action with Knack or Killzone? Or perhaps you feel like kicking off your next-generation gaming experience with Watch Dogs or Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag? It’s entirely to you.


GameSeek – PS4 Standard
Price: £339.75 (inc. VAT), plus £6.99 for delivery

The standard day-one PS4 package, this will get you the vanilla edition of Sony’s next-generation console--the hardware and a DualShock 4. The price is probably the best you’re going to get for the standalone console, as even with the delivery cost it’s still a few quid cheaper than leading competitors zavvi and shopto.

Very – PS4 with one game (varies)
Price: £399.00

Typically known for flaunting the gorgeous Holly Willoughby in their adverts on TV, Very is offering several PS4 bundles with a choice of one game, ranging from Killzone: Shadow Fall, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag to FIFA 14. No PS Plus available sadly, but those of you who want to start gaming on day one without having to fork out for a title separately can’t go wrong here. Finding a PS4 w/game bundle in the U.K. is actually harder than it looks – GAME is the only major chain offering such deals, and they have yet to confirm how much they’ll cost.

Very – PS4 and two games
Price: £449.00

Very comes up trumps again with this PS4 bundle featuring two games, namely FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is a pretty sweet deal considering the likes of Littlewoods are offering a PS4 and a single game for £50 more, so you’re saving yourself quite a lot here.

What bundle have you decided to plump for? Or perhaps you have found a better deal? Let us know in the comments section below.