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Best Video Game Music Remixes #1

11 August 2013

Video game music is rich with orchestral inspiration, timeless rhythms, and stirring chords. I'd argue that video game remixes can house the same things, paying tribute to the greatest games ever made with endless artistic expression and reinterpretation. The possibilities are boundless--and beautiful.

We'll take time each week to highlight some of the best remixes in the video game music scene and their artists. Here are three stellar standouts for Week 1.

'Towering Revolution' [Boomer Kuwanger | Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X] -- by Washudoll

Our first song this week comes from the eternally awesome organization OverClocked Remix, a network of game music aficionados that frequently produces some of the best in the scene. Towering Revolution is no different, playing off our expectations of energized Mega Man X music with unfamiliar tones that make this song, in the words of PSU Japan editor Dane Smith, perfect for running. I'll take his word for it.

'Duet of the Keyblade Masters' [Darkness of the Unknown | Kingdom Hearts II] -- by Uboichi

You'd think that, as a self-described Kingdom Hearts scholar, I'd be head over heels for Kingdom Hearts remixes. It's the opposite, actually--my standards and expectations are much higher for anything that draws from Kingdom Hearts, so it's much harder to please me. 'Duet of the Keyblade Masters' fits the bill with a conservative take on a now-classic final boss theme that takes the airy, mystical qualities of the original and amplifies them, underlining the whole thing with an understated, but still impactful, drum beat.

'Looks Like Rain' [Heartbeat, Heartbreak | Persona 4] -- by Dale North

Dale North is Destructoid's Editor-in-Chief, a cool guy I'm glad to have met, and a JRPG fanatic with accomplished musical talent. Just listen to his jazzy reinterpretation of 'Heartbeat, Heartbreak.' Anyone who's played Persona 4 (or its amazing PS Vita port, Persona 4 Golden) will be surprised by the synthed-up male vocals, and the subtle rain effects that hover over piano make for a perfect intro. I just wish it were a bit longer!

What are some of your favorite video game remixes? Drop a comment or link below, and you may see your favorite in a future feature!

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