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Inside the PlayStation Universe - Steven Williamson (August 16,2013)

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on 16 August 2013

Our weekly feature giving readers an insight into the lives and working week of the PlayStation Universe staff continues.

Kicking off the weekend, we begin with General Manager Steven Williamson who spends his days managing the site and making sure everything is ticking like clockwork.

Name: Steven Williamson
Title: General Manager

What games have you been playing this week?
Most of my time has been spent playing Saints Row IV which is absolutely bonkers. Kyle’s Saints Row IV review this week is pretty much in line with my own opinions. Though it’s rough around the edges in terms of graphics and stability, it’s so much fun doing a bunch of crazy stuff that you soon forget about its inadequacies. It’s more than likely to be the game that will keep me busy until GTA V arrives. I’m sure Saints Row fans will be delighted with the new super powers and the whole alien theme.

The other game that I’ve been fairly obsessed with this week is the new PlayStation Vita puzzle game Open Me! It’s a great excuse to dig out those Augmented Reality cards and superb value for money. The challenge of trying to work out a way of getting into a variety of boxes by moving the Vita’s camera around like a magnifying glass is extremely addictive. It’s certainly the best use of AR so far on Vita, though I’d still prefer it if there were more triple-A exclusive titles released. The announcement of PlayStation Vita Pets, for instance, made me groan very loudly.

Yes..that's what an AR card looks like.

Oh, and I downloaded Farming Simulator on Vita but the less said about that the better.

Which feature, review or piece of news caught your eye on PSU in the last seven days and why?
It has to be the news that female soldiers will be playable in Call of Duty: Ghosts. What shocked me was the reaction across the web from some gamers. Sexist, derogatory and insulting jibes aimed at women followed the news across social media sites and forums. Seriously, one guy actually put this -- "There is going to be a lot of rape.” What a xxxx! Call Of Duty gamers are definitely among the most immature people I have ever played online with.

What are you doing when you’re not a PSU editor?
It’s been a fairly quiet week in my personal life with most of my time spent juggling PSU-related stuff and my six week old boy. However, I did learn how to play The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ on guitar and I also had time to pop down the pub with fellow PSU colleague Richard Archer, who is actually my next door neighbour. It’s become quite a regular excursion where the red hot topic of discussion each week is videogames. I was ashamed to admit I’ve never watched DuckTales or played the original game, but Richard was keen to tell me how much he’s enjoying the new remastered version. I may give it a try next week, though I suspect Saints Row shenanigans will take precedence.

Keep an eye out over the weekend for further Inside The PlayStation Universe features from our band of editors and PSU's Community Manager.