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PSU Top Remix #1: Metal Gear Solid, Star Ocean

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on 17 August 2013

Last week, I started this ongoing feature where I pull the best video game music remixes from the web and feature them here, for your enjoyment. Then, our own Matt Fernandez reminded me he's really good at making graphics. So he cooked something up for my weekly remix feature, and--lo and behold--it's called PSU Top Remix!

So, consider us your weekly source of awesome video game music, remixed and reinterpreted by the incredible internet composing scene. PSU Top Remix is a like a Music Unlimited channel, or a Billboard chart--except there's only three per week, and it has none of the same standards or parameters.

Take this week's episode, for example. I started my search in the Crash Bandicoot scene, looking for sterling remixes--and came up empty-handed. Then I went to the ever-reliable OverClocked ReMix community, and... well, I stayed there. I SWEAR I'm not an OC ReMix shill. And I definitely don't know an OC ReMix composer in real life. No sir. Definitely not friends with the guy who sang the second set of male vocals in this incredible Final Fantasy VI remix.


'The Price of Freedom' [Main Theme | Metal Gear Solid] -- Evan Arnett, Janna McKinley, Jonathan Mills

A breathtaking re-imagining that starts with the first echo-ey chorus as Solid Snake approaches the underwater docks, before soaring off into a story that spans the whole series.

'Innocent Deception' [Snake Eater | Metal Gear Solid 3] -- Claire Yaxley, Dj Mystix


'Into Your Kamikaze' [KA.MI.KA.ZE | Star Ocean: The Second Story] -- Blake Perdue

Because I love the orchestral arrangement.


Did you like these songs? Have some favorites of your own to share? And, what game should we focus on next? Drop a comment below and come back next week for PSU Top Remix.