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5 things Sony needs to reveal at Gamescom 2013

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on 19 August 2013

If the video games industry is a game of baseball, then Gamescom is Sony’s chance to knock the proverbial ball out of the park. After all, 2013 is a crucial period for the Japanese hardware manufacturer. With the launch of PlayStation 4 due this holiday season and PlayStation Vita in desperate need of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to keep it on its legs, the company has the chance to convince punters to spend their hard-earned cash on its products this Christmas. E3 notwithstanding, Gamescom the best place to trumpet all things PlayStation.

With Sony’s Gamescom presser inexorably approaching (it’s tomorrow evening, in case you didn’t know), thought it would be good to cobble together a list of 5 things that we feel Sony simply has to deliver at Gamescom to win over the crowd.

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Sony announced a fair few PS4 titles in the months following its February reveal, culminating in an impressive showing at E3 a few months back. However, there’s still plenty of time to announce a few surprise titles, and the notion that the company has already shot its bolt is too worrying to entertain. As such, we feel that a couple of Gamescom shockers would be just the ticket to turn heads as we enter the last few months leading up to PS4’s release. And no, we’re not going to chicken out and suggest Sony lifts the lid on Uncharted 4 or a new God of War; how about some fresh, exciting new IP to drive the next-generation of hardware? This is the ideal opportunity for Sony’s first-party studios to offer us a glimpse at what franchises will define their experiences on PS4 going forward. How about something new from Quantic Dream or Sony Santa Monica?


We know how much PS4 is going to cost, and roughly when the new machine will be in shops. However, it’s about time that Sony stopped flirting with its holiday 2013 launch window and begun full-blown love affair with that all-important release date. Rumors have suggested an October launch, although this seems a bit too early in our view; November is more likely, and would make sense when you consider past console releases. Gamescom is the perfect platform for Sony to unveil full launch details on its next-generation powerhouse, and hopefully give us a clue on what other titles we can expect on day one beyond the obvious.


Ah, this old chesnut again. True, every man and his dog has singled the end of Sony’s high-powered handheld for the past eight months or so, but the fact is these concerns are no less pertinent now than they were at the beginning of the year. PS Vita needs a shot in the arm, and unless Sony pulls out all the stops at Gamescom (or in the months after), then come the start of 2014 we can’t really see how the company is going to turn the portable’s fortunes around. It’s a great piece of tech, and there’s some superb games on it – that can’t be denied. However, this is becoming a tenuous argument when Joe Public just isn’t getting it, and probably won’t until it gets the GTA, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear or Call of Duty (no, Black Ops Declassified was an absolute shambles and doesn’t count) that the mainstream instantly connect with. It’s not just software either; Sony could reinvigorate PS Vita sales by slashing the handheld’s price or offering some juicy bundles on offer – PS4 and PS Vita together, anyone?


PS3 may have turned seven-years-old in 2013, but that doesn’t mean we should write it off yet. Quite the contrary, as the console still has a few heavy hitters up its sleeves this year, including the Quantic Dream exclusive, Beyond: Two Souls. Aside from that, we still have the promising-looking Until Dawn, and a plethora of third-party titles on the way, including Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which boasts exclusive content. Still, we’re willing to bet this isn’t the last of the big PS3 exclusives, and there still could be one or two new titles to be announced at Gamescom. After all, PS2 got God of War II in its seventh year, and PS3 is likely to stick around for many more years to come – who’s to stay it’s going to slowly retire just yet? The Last Guardian would be a superb showstopper, as we’re still holding on to hope that the Team ICO juggernauts is still in the works for Sony’s trusty old work horse.


PlayStation Plus has been a resounding success for Sony, and the service will prove even more important to the PlayStation ecosystem as we transition into the next generation of consoles. In fact, analysts are already confident in the service’s future, expecting Sony to rake in $1.7 billion from PS4 PS Plus subscribers. Sure, Sony is now asking consumers to pay for online gaming, but the excellent premium service players have experienced to date remains; so you can expect all the usual extras of becoming a subscriber. However, there’s still plenty of folk out there who haven’t take the PS Plus plunge, and as such Sony would be wise to unveil some juicy deals/promotions at Gamescom to sway punters who are still on the fence.

What do you want to see from Sony’s Gamescom showcase? Let us know in the comments section below.