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Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best PlayStation Vita Game

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on 27 August 2013

 The Winner – Killzone: Mercenary

PlayStation Vita has been badly hurting for a must-have title for a while now, let alone a defining shooter. Fortunately, Guerrilla Cambridge’s Killzone: Mercenary looks like it will comfortably tick both boxes.

Not only is this shaping up to be one of the best-looking PS Vita games to date, Mercenary plays like a dream, offering the quintessential Killzone experience condensed into handheld form. With a multitude of gameplay styles on offer thanks to an array of weapons and Vanguard systems, Mercenary lets you play how you see fit – go in all guns blazing or opt for a more stealthy approach, it’s up to you.

Throw in a full-fledged multiplayer component, and you have what is sure to be PS Vita’s defining shooter.