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Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best Shooter

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on 27 August 2013

 The Winner – Killzone: Shadow Fall

Shooters were out in full force  at Gamescom last week, but for us, PlayStation 4’s launch poster boy Killzone: Shadow Fall stood out among its contemporaries. Shadow Fall looks set to raise the bar in every aspect, from visuals, gameplay and multiplayer, creating what is shaping up to be the PS4 game to own upon release day.

Visually, the game is remarkable, with stunning vistas, particle effects and character models making up a jaw-dropping sci-fi universe. Subtle gameplay innovations – such as the use of PS4’s touchpad – enhance the Killzone experience, while the multiplayer looks set to trump that of competing shooters Battlefield and Call of Duty with a host of dynamic objectives and social integration.