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Top 10 GTA V swag that money can and can't buy

11 September 2013

If you’ve stumbled across this post, chances are you’re poised to pick up a copy of Grand Theft Auto V which launches worldwide on September 17.

If you’re a serious fan of the franchise then take a look at some of the official and not so official merchandise that can and can't be bought, or won, to compliment that experience.

1. GTA V Pulse Elite- Wireless Stereo Headset
The official GTA V headset features 7.1 virtual surround sound with design inspiration taken directly from the game. It has a hidden noise cancelling microphone and a custom sound mode built specifically to take advantage of the sounds that you’ll hear around Los Santos and Blaine County.

2. GTA V custom-built PS3 case
The only way you’ll get your hands on one of these is in your dreams, unless you’ve got some serious cash to spend and can convince case modder, Jriquelme, to knock you one up. He produced this case with the authority of Sony as a gift to Rockstar. We want!


3. GTA V Collector’s Edition
The Collector’s Edition is now quite rare, but there are still sets floating around and it’s the ultimate package to receive on launch day. It includes: exclusive artwork, a blueprint map, a branded baseball cap and bag, and a ton of exclusive digital content, such as a special ability boost and bonus outfits. It’s not cheap though. If you find one at retail you’ll be lucky, but auction sites do have them listed at astronomical prices.


4. GTA V Bravado Banshee
Okay, so you’re not going to be able to buy one of these beauties, but you could win one. The ultimate American sports car features in GTA V and Gamestop has teamed up with Rockstar to give a real supercar away. This can be won as part of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Epic Rewards Giveaway.


5. GTA V Strategy guide
They’ll soon be a host of free guides appear online after launch but Brady Games always do a comprehensive walkthrough so if you want to know all about the three main characters from the outset, get complete guides to all missions, and have a map that you can plonk on your lap and follow around town, then it’s a must-buy.

Turn overleaf for five more great GTA V-branded products

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