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10 essential dates for PlayStation gamers

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on 12 September 2013

With the summer software lull well and truly over, PlayStation gamers are now turning their attention to the holiday season, which is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in years. Not only is there a boatload of triple-A titles all competing for our hard-earned cash, but November marks the beginning of a brand new console generation, thanks to the arrival of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Still, that doesn’t mean PlayStation 3 has run its course; there’s still life in the old dog yet, and Sony’s seven-year-old black box has more than enough heavy hitters lined up for the remainder of the year to ensure your wallets will be feeling lighter than a piggy bank after Christmas.

With the next three-and-a-half months or so packed solid with software and indeed the small matter of a shiny new console, thought it would be handy to compile a list of 10 essential dates that every PlayStation gamer should pencil in their diaries.

Check them out below.

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1. Grand Theft Auto V Launch Date – September 17

Rockstar’s eagerly-anticipated crime sequel easily ranks as one of the biggest games of the generation, and after a lengthy wait will finally touch down next week. Featuring the largest game world in Rockstar history – and that’s no exaggeration, just compare the game’s world map to that of San Andreas – plus a comprehensive online component, Grand Theft Auto Online, GTA V looks set to redefine the sandbox experience as we know it.

2. Beyond: Two Souls Launch Date – October 8 (U.S.), October 11 (U.K.)

Quantic Dream looks set to deliver another thrilling, cinematic adventure with its first release since 2010’s Heavy Rain. The PlayStation 3-exclusive supernatural drama stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe in a tale that explores the question of life after death, taking place over the course of 15 years. Featuring stunning visuals and a gripping story, Beyond is one game you can’t afford to miss out on.

3. Battlefield 4 Launch Date – October 29 (U.S.), November 1 (U.K.)

DICE is going head-to-head with Activision’s Call of Duty franchise for the second time with Battlefield 4, bringing with it one of the most technically-impressive shooters on the market. Available on both current and next-generation systems, the military FPS packs jaw-dropping visuals, a massive multiplayer offering and gripping solo campaign.

4. Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Date – October 25

The Caped Crusader returns for the third entry in the critically-acclaimed ‘Arkham’ series, which started in 2009 with Arkham Asylum. This latest offering takes place on Christmas Eve, and acts as a prequel with Bats facing off against eight deadly assassins. With a massive open-world to explore and all-new techniques and gadgets to utilize, Arkham Origins is shaping up to be Batman’s greatest adventure yet.

5. Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate Launch Date – October 25

The official handheld companion to Batman’s console outing, Arkham Origins Blackgate adopts a 2.5D design while adhering to many of the staples seen in the home console titles. Bats can still grapple, glide and brawl with enemies, with the game’s combat system being built from the ground up for PlayStation Vita and 3DS. With multiple game endings, signature gadgets, plus the ability to put The Dark Knight’s detective skills to good use, Arkham Origins Blackgate successfully brings the Arkham magic from your TV screen into the palm of your hand.