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10 cool things you may not know about GTA V

on 16 September 2013

3. Buy additional weapons with real money micro-transactions from Ammu-Nation
We believe that once the GTA V servers get switched on, players will be able to walk into Ammu-Nation, access the PlayStation Store and buy certain items. In one store we visited there was the option to access the PS Store while buying a weapon. It’s going to quite tempting early on to buy these weapons too. In one early mission we needed a pump-action shotgun but didn’t have enough in-game cash. The temptation to just purchase it from the store rather than work for it in game is going to be a temptation for many. We’re unsure whether this feature will be available at launch. It’s great to see that Ammu-nation is stocked full of upgrades for weapons. From suppressors to flashlights, there’s plenty of opportunity to pimp your weapons.

4. Customise your number plates
For the first time in GTA you can customise your number plates. You can do this through the iFruit app on iPhone and iPad.–“Download the iFruit app on your personal smartphone or tablet” it tells us. We’ve had a look on our smartphones and can’t yet find it so maybe it will be available after launch. We also don’t know at this point to what extent we can customise.

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