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Why CoD: Ghosts Riley is set to become gaming's most realistic dog

When it comes to making war there is one weapon that no army can do without. I’m not talking about drone spy planes or laser-guided missiles; this essential weapon is none other than man’s best friend, the dog.

Throughout history, dogs have fought alongside men and women undertaking a variety of combat roles. These include, in ancient times, their use as attack dogs. In the Second World War they were trained to detonate explosives under tanks and in the Vietnam War sniffed out enemy bunkers.

Even in these technologically-advanced times dogs haven't been replaced with robots, but instead continue to see action on all fronts during war. To give them a helping hand, dogs can often be found utilising hardware and wearing gear as advanced as the kits used by their human counterparts.

Because of this essential link between dogs and war, it comes as no surprise that Activision has chosen to debut a military dog named Riley in its forthcoming first-person shooter Call of Duty: Ghosts. Riley will use the latest in military hardware specially designed for dogs to aid players as they defend the decimated USA. But, how much of this canine companion and his fantastic in-game gadgets will be fiction, and how much will be fact?

Read on to discover the research Activision undertook to make sure Riley accurately reflected the real life dogs that armies currently deploy, and see how it cleverly incorporated modern military canine hardware to ensure COD: Ghosts portrayed war dogs as realistically as possible.