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Introducing Marjaana, host of PSU's SE500 weekly gaming show

on 8 October 2013

PSU's ambitious new project Server Error 500, or SE500, couldn't have had a better start, and that was made possible with the help of Finland native Marjaana Roininen, who hosts the weekly show. The first episode has her presented in many unique places, including the cosplay front at Tracon 8 (where she comes across one of the best Predator costumes of all time).

"Hello! My name is Marjaana Roininen. I’m 21 years old and I live in a city called Rauma. That is also the city where I’m currently studying business. I’m a very outgoing person and I try to have fun as much as possible. Sometimes I’m a bit hyperactive but I think that is part of my charm. I live in a country called Finland. You know, the place where polar bears roam around and we eat salty candies that taste like shit.

In my free time, I like hanging around with my friends, meaning we go out and drink and play games and stuff. I don’t exactly have a hobby; I work out quite often, 2-3 times a week, so maybe it is my ”hobby." Whereas playing games is my lifestyle. I play games on my PlayStation 3, and sometimes with Xbox 360--so sue me. The games I'm currently playing are Diablo 3, Fallout 3, Skyrim and Resident Evil 6. I always play a bunch of games at the same time, because it gives you a choice what to play. I know that some people like to play just one game at a time but I don't see myself in that group. I do other things as well, believe it or not. I enjoy watching movies and occasionally I read a book or two. And I can cook. Just some information that is very vital for everybody to know.

Sometimes I go to work at my boyfriend’s company that he owns, which is a small shop that sells video games, movies, music and game related stuff. It is kind of a dream place for me to work, since I love playing games so much. And when I say work, I mean I go there and bring him food or something. Sometimes I do sell games to people when he is out somewhere playing Magic the Gathering. I don't play it, but I have played it on PS3, so that doesn't count.

So, there is a little information about me, hope you find me somewhat interesting. That's enough jabber about me, I woke up an hour ago and still haven't touched a single controller and I'm eager to play something. Diabo, yes, let's play Diablo. I'm also hungry. All we have here is a pineapple. Not really hungry for pineapples at this moment. Should I rather go to the store or starve and play some Diablo...? Maybe just ONE hour of Diablo..."

Her personality comes through both here and in SE500's first episode. Stay tuned for more episodes each week, and take to the comments below for feedback on the show, and feel free to warmly, and appropriately, greet and welcome Marjaana to the PSU team.