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The top 10 vehicles we want to see in GTA 6 that we didn't see in GTA 5

on 14 October 2013

There's nothing better to do while playing Grand Theft Auto V as you cruise the mean dangerous streets of Los Santos than look out for any interesting or unique vehicles, and then trying to steal or destroy them. But despite Rockstar's superb efforts to fill GTA V's land, sea and sky with an amazing amount of top transport, I feel there are still a few vehicles that if added, would make a great game even greater.

Join me now as I present my top ten of vehicles that I feel should have been in GTA V and GTA Online, but will probably never appear. Vehicles I dare to dream of one day being made available to players as DLC, all the while knowing I am dreaming an impossible dream.

Let's begin with the fact that while GTA V has some great aircraft, bombers are conspicuous by their absence, more so stealth bombers. Imagine finding one of these beasts on a military base and taking to the air to unleash silent death on your enemies, or anyone who gets on your wrong side. Actually who's to say Stealth Bombers aren't already in the game, they could be around and just be living up to their name ?

Taxis are a great way for the lazy to get around in Los Santos, but why are all of them cars, why aren't there any tuk-tuks? A bizarre hybrid of a rickshaw and a motorcycle, tuk-tuks promise a cheap yet drafty way to your destination; while also being able to cope with congested roads by perilously weaving through any traffic. Why should catching a taxi be the only safe way to travel in GTA V ? Let's bring the danger to cab journeys, with the simple introduction to the game of the tuk-tuk.

So in GTA Online you're hosting a house party, and after all the drugs and beer have been consumed, your guests minds turn to the idea of having a race. Sure you want to challenge your mates, but you don't want to wrap yourself round an oncoming car. Well there is a simple, safe and elegant vehicular solution: the space hopper. A giant bouncy space hopper race is safer for your inebriated friends, and losers can beat up the winners by using the hopper as an improvised weapon. Perfect fun all round.

Why should your exploration of Los Santos be limited to the sky? Why shouldn't the brave and super rich be able to go higher? To allow players to boldly go even further, GTA V needs space shuttles. This way, players can go to the outer limits of Los Santos, before parachuting out or writing rude messages using smoke trails in the stratosphere. Why should NASA have all the fun? GTA V players should be able to explore outer space, perhaps even find alien life, and then gun them down.