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PS4: a list of known errors and how to fix them

on 15 November 2013

PlayStation 4 launched in North America today for $399, and while things seem to have gone very smoothly for Sony, there have invariably been a few hiccups as with any system launch.

Users have been reported a number of issues regarding Sony’s next-generation console, some more serious than others.

As such, PSU.com has compiled a list of known issues for PS4, and the fixes associated with them.

Want to report an issue? Post it in the comments section and we’ll update this article with it along with any known fix(s).

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Error: NW-31453-6

What is it?

Users receive this message alongside ‘The network connection has been lost’ error. It crops up as soon as you try to log into PlayStation Network with the PS4.

How can I fix it?

Sony has already issued a warning stating that heavy traffic to PSN in light of the PS4’s launch has caused the service to experience problems. As such, all you can do is wait until the issue has been resolved, and keep checking the status of PSN via the PlayStation Blog.

Error: Could Not Find The Update File (CD-330774-1)

What is it?

This error crops up should you attempt to replace the pack-in 500GB HDD with an unsupported replacement.

How can I fix it?

Evidently, if you are getting this message then you have selected an incompatible harddrive. Aside from switching back to the original model that comes with your PS4, you can check out a list of HDDs that are functional with the PS4 here.

Error: Cannot Launch Application (CE-32958-7)

What is it?

The PS4 receive this error if the user is attempting to launch an application which has not yet benefited from the latest firmware update.

How do I fix it?

Simply download the day-one firmware 1.50 update that Sony has provided, which requires a 308MB download. If you want to see how to install the patch via USB, click here.

Error: NW-31200-6

What is it?

As with the above, this error pertains to the firmware 1.50 update. In this case, users report that the download starts as usual, but stops suddenly before displaying the above error code.

How do I fix it?

It is recommended on the web that users install the firmware update via USB. Again, instructions on how to do so can be found here.

Error: SU-30645-8

What is it?

Another firmware-related issue, this error is reported when installing update 1.50. After a successful download, users report that when installing the file the process ceases and the above error is displayed.

How do I fix it?

Unfortunately, downloading the firmware to a USB doesn’t seem offer a remedy for the problem. When installing the files onto your PS4, the console returns the message, ‘Files is Corrupt.’

As such, you need to ensure you have the correct firmware installed for your region.