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Thrustmaster T. Flight Stick X review

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A couple weeks ago we reported that Thrustmaster had announced the first ever PlayStation 3 joystick dubbed the T. Flight Stick X. Shortly afterwards the comments came rolling in and there seemed to be some mixed feelings on the joystick. While some gamers embraced the idea, others weren't so accepting.

Well, we must say; it's time to do some embracing. As soon as we plugged it into the PS3 there was no stopping us. Not because the games we played with it were good, not because they sent us aviator sunglasses to fly with, but because it's just something new. It took us away from the customary style of playing.

The joystick, priced at USD 29.99, requires no hard work to use at all. Just plug the USB cable into your PS3 and you will be able to browse your XMB and select your game. It is highly recommended that you take the time to read the instructions that come with joystick or you may end up like us wondering for an hour why the joystick isn't working right only to find out the you need to flip the switch from PC to PS3. Not to mention the instruction booklet shows you what buttons on the joystick equate to what buttons are on the SIXAXIS remote.

Since the joystick is also PC compatible we decided to test it out on the computer. We dug around for a decent game to test it with and found the perfect game - Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Sure enough, after configuring some buttons around the joystick worked like a charm and we don't know if it's age or the joystick, but Rogue Squadron seemed a lot easier than it used to be.

Back to the PS3 side of things, the joystick isn't wireless and the cable could be a couple feet longer, but its comfortable design easily makes up for lack of freedom. It has a wide base at the bottom of the joystick so you aren't constantly holding your entire fore arm and hand up. You can set your hand down which in the long run means more play time as you aren't constantly needing to rest your arm.

From what we have tested, the joystick only works in flight simulator games on the PS3 such as Blazing Angels. We tried to play Heavenly Sword and Assassin's Creed, but it wasn't about to happen.

All the buttons are fully programmable and can be stored into the internal memory of the joystick. Not to mention that different configurations can be instantly loaded for a quick game to game switch.

Whether you're flying around on the PS3 or the PC, the comfort of the joystick guarantees hours of relaxed playing. We haven't used a joystick in years, but next time you see us flying around online, you better fly away as the joystick provides a definite advantage compared to using the SIXAXIS remote.

The T. Flight Stick X has yet to be shipped to your local store, but it is available for purchase at and We suggest to order from Dell since they are selling it ten dollars cheaper at the moment.



Bottom Line:
Whether you decide to use it for the PC or the PS3, the joystick provides a quick change of gaming style. Tailored specifically around flight simulators, the T. Flight Stick X does have its limitations. Programmable button configuration stored in internal memory can provide you with a quick change in games without constant re-configuration.

+Provides advantage in flight sims
+Internal Memory
+PC & PS3 Compatible

-Not wireless
-Doesn't work for all games


8.5 / 10