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How to get uploaded PS4 videos onto YouTube

on 3 December 2013

One of the most touted features of the PlayStation 4 is the ability to share 15 minute video clips which can be recorded directly from Sony’s console. At the moment Sony only allows videos to be shared onto Facebook, but there is actually a way to get them onto YouTube.

First of all, you need a Facebook account. If you don't have one, set one up online and then synch the account via the PS4. You don't have to use it beyond uploading videos, of course. If you don't mind spamming your Facebook friends with your killstreak videos or comeback victories, then you simply upload the video to Facebook via the SHARE option on your DualShock, and then go to a site such as
SaveFrom.net . Copy and paste the URL from Facebook of the video you wish you to upload.

From there, you can select which version of the video you want: SD or HD (always go HD). After that you simply right-click the link and select 'Save Link As' to download it. Then it's a case of uploading it onto YouTube or any other video platform. Videos shared only to a specific Facebook group won't download because SaveFrom can't grab locked videos from Facebook.

Now, if you don't want everyone seeing these videos, but maybe a select few then you need to create a group in Facebook to lock the videos to. This is done on the main Facebook site on the left hand site where you can follow the instructions. On the PS4 you will have to select this group in the settings after it has been created. To download these videos, you will need either Chrome or Firefox. These two browsers allow add-ons which enable all kinds of functions, including downloading videos.

For Chrome, you will need the
FVD Video Downloader. Simply download the extension and when installed, you will see a blue arrow in the top right corner of the browser which allows you to download videos from any given web page by clicking on it and selecting the video you want. It's worth remembering to select HD on Facebook in order to be able to download any video in HD. Firefox users should download Flash and Video Downloader which actually works in the same way the Chrome extension does by adding an arrow in the top right of the browser.

After a video has downloaded, you can do what you like: upload it to YouTube, add commentary or even edit it in some way. The main thing is that the video is now elsewhere other than Facebook. This is a good alternative until native YouTube uploading support comes since the quality is much better than what ends up on Facebook.

Here's an example of the YouTube uploading of a video I initially put on
Facebook myself to show that it can be done: