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Best Sports Game of 2013

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on 26 December 2013

2013 has just about wrapped, and it’s that time of year again when the staff and community at cast a reflective glance back at the last 12 months of gaming goodness. Yep, it’s our annual Game of the Year awards, where we scrutinize titles across a broad range of genres in order to determine the cream of the crop of titles from 2013. Whether it’s RPGs, action/adventure, racing, beat-’em-up or the coveted Game of the Year award itself, you have been voting in your dozens over the past week or so, and the results are now in.

So, let’s crack on with the awards. For our final genre-specific article, we look at Best Sports Game of 2013.

Sports video games are firmly based on the concept of annualized sequels, with each franchise from FIFA to MLB The Show benefiting from yearly updates to an established formula. Once in a while you find the developers subjecting the brand to a significant overhaul, but more than often, incremental upgrades are the order of the day. Not to say that’s a bad thing though, as titles like FIFA have proven themselves over the past few years that a major upgrade isn’t required. Pro Evo in particular however has benefited from a massive update this year to compete with Electronic Arts’ juggernaut, while American sports fans were treated to a bevy of flagship efforts including NHL, MLB and Madden.

And the winner is...


EA’s annual footie franchise impressed you the most out of the sports output this year, and with good reason. Building on the successful series paradigm that has seen FIFA supplant Pro Evo as the quintessential football title during the PS3-era, FIFA 14 refines its mechanics that little bit more to offer an even more competent gameplay experience. Improved animations help to accentuate authenticity among players, while 10-on-10 online matches make for a great multiplayer experience. On PS4 the visuals really shine, making for the definitive version of The Beautiful Game.