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10 games that make March 2014 the best month in PlayStation history

on 25 February 2014

Following the unprecedented amount of momentum drummed up by the PlayStation 4 launch back in November, many perhaps rightly forecasted that the unrivalled hardware bedlam would naturally translate into a sort of software propulsion as we entered the New Year. Truth be told, proceedings have subsided a touch - with only a handful of titles seeing a release of any note; the best of which most likely being Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which itself is just an up-to-date repackaging of a PS3 game released a mere 12 months ago.

Still, there’s little use in lamenting delays and the lack of any concrete system-sellers thus far; luckily for us gamers the future’s bright and imminent, as this upcoming March is resoundingly shaping up to be one of the biggest months in PlayStation history. In more ways than one, the preceding months have been a sort of calm before the storm, with the next few weeks laying claim to releases from some of the most championed franchises in the gaming catalogue; Metal Gear Solid, InFamous, and Dark Souls are all weighing in with anticipated instalments – hell, even the long-awaited releases of South Park: The Stick of Truth and Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster are getting in on the action. So, whether or not you’ve adopted Sony’s new black behemoth or stand stoically by its aged predecessor, there’s certainly a game this coming month to cater for all inclinations, temperaments and moods.

Have no fear, as PSU’s here – hand outstretched – to guide you through what may prove to be the biggest gaming month of the past decade.

Dark Souls II (PS3) – March 11

There’s nothing quite like a bit of vexatious masochism as a sun-kissed March beckons and with the self-depreciating release of From Software’s Dark Souls II you won’t even need to leave the couch to do so. Taking cues from both its predecessors, Bandai Namco’s latest offering looks to provide an emotive and involving story amidst the bone-shatteringly difficult gameplay that the series is so vehemently renowned for. Newcomers needn’t beware, mind, as the game’s opening sections will be that little more accessible than previous entries - allowing for a more gradual build-up rather than the ghoul-suffused uphill struggle that players have become accustomed to up until now. There isn’t any direct correlation between this and any Souls game of yonder, but that isn’t of any pressing concern when the game itself is twice the size of 2011’s celebrated namesake, Dark Souls. Players assume the role of an anonymous character cursed with a dark ring who must strive for a cure to his affliction - which of course translates into traversing the unforgiving caverns, wretched archways and forlorn passages that the game so relentlessly presents. A word of warning: make sure there’s a controller or two spare lying about somewhere because once March 11 comes along, the uncontrollable urge to fling one at the screen may just creep up on you once again.