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4 PS4 games that will win E3 for Sony

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on 5 June 2014

The gloves are off. One week from now, Sony will have lifted the curtains on its E3 2014 line-up following a glorious press conference full of exuberance, megatons, and probably a few cringe-worthy attempts at trying to be hip from the PR folk. This year in particular is poised to be especially stunning for Sony fans, as it marks the first E3 since the launch of its flagship home console, the PlayStation 4. With Microsoft also trumpeting its Xbox One and Nintendo rumored to unveil a new console at the show, it’s going to be an almighty punch-up between our favorite platform holders.

Invariably, this means gamers and journalists alike will be picking their favorite games and performances from all of the pressers, as well as announcing the coveted ‘Who Won E3?’ award. At least, that’s what tradition dictates.

So, we’ve already heard the rumors about what Sony has up its sleeves; we’ve even listed 25 of our wishes for Sony’s press conference. But what can the electronics giant pull out of the bag to ultimately win E3?

Here’s four games guaranteed to pull in the punters.

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If you’re going to floor jaws during a press conference, then make sure Naughty Dog is there in one shape or another. The former House of Crash Bandicoot achieved this feat effortlessly with Uncharted 2, 3, and The Last of Us at previous shows, and it’s set to blow our socks off again at E3 2014. Indeed, the latest chapter in Nathan Drake’s wise-cracking, adrenaline-pumping antics is at the top of everyone’s ‘must see’ list here at PSU Towers, and all rumors point to a live gameplay demo packed with sumptuous visuals and gripping set pieces. Naughty Dog has already commented that Uncharted PS4 won’t be a series paradigm shift but rather aims to refine what the franchise has built up since its inception in 2007. So, expect bar-raising graphics, immaculately-crafted environments, and witty dialogue. However, we reckon the gameplay will see the most significant of tweaks, perhaps in terms of environmental traversal and puzzles. As such, we expect Uncharted 4’s first eyes-on to totally steal the show.


A fresh entry in Sony’s bloody hack-’em-up franchise would certainly pull in the punters but not without some substantial changes to the formula. For starters, we feel a new protagonist wouldn’t go amiss. Don’t get us wrong, chrome dome Kratos is an iconic figure in PlayStation history, but we feel after six God of War titles, he should take a break. Of course, removing a hero that is synonymous with such a popular brand is a risk, but that’s part and parcel of the industry and indeed true for any franchise. We think introducing Norse Mythology would be a cracking idea. Apart from that - and the obvious inclusion of some eyeball-popping visuals as you’d expect in God of War - Sony Santa Monica would do well to inject some more life into the gamepaly mechanics. Tighten up the combat a bit, offer more depth to the combos ala Devil May Cry, and give us a reason to put our thinking caps on in terms of puzzles. After the relatively perfunctory effort of GoW: Ascension, we need to see something exciting to reinvigorate the series, and if done properly, God of War 4 could really steal the show.


Team ICO’s ambitious griffin-meets-boy adventure was announced five years ago at E3 2009. Since that time, it has been the subject of delays, controversy, and flirted precariously with that dreaded mistress, vaporware. However, Sony has assured us it’s still a thing, and what better way to re-reveal it than at E3 2014; and for PS4 no less? To be honest, Sony would have to do very little to impress with a new trailer, as we’ve seen so little of the game to begin with, let alone what the gameplay entails. So, a visually-stunning in-game teaser would absolutely be the ticket here, along with some concrete platform and release info. Imagine the rapturous applause when Sony confirms a holiday 2014 launch date? It’s now or never, chaps, and we think there's a good chance of it showing up.


Not much is known about the new PS4-exclusive currently under hammer and nail at Sony Bend, as it hasn’t actually been announced yet. Still, we know it’s coming, and from what Internet tipster Ahsan ‘Thuway’ Rasheed has said, it’ll be an open world horror title without zombies. This is music to our ears, as the undead have left their decomposing mark on numerous games this past generation, and they have become ubiquitous to the point of anything involving them being dismissed as ‘not another zombie game.’ So, a fresh take on the horror genre would prove more than welcome, and the sandbox environment can only provide a deluge of gameplay opportunities. Sony Bend has already proven its action-adventure chops with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, so we’d love to see them go down a darker path on PS4, crafting a compelling game world brimming with all manner of grotesque monstrosities all interwoven with a suitably grim narrative. What will it be like? We have no idea, but the potential this has is almost limitless.

What games do you think will win over the crowds at E3 for Sony? Give us a buzz in the comments section below.