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PSU Champions: Killer 7

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In the final part of the PSU Champions series, Luke proposes that Killer 7, which was released on PS2, should be remade for PlayStation 3. Here is our previous one on Baldur's Gate: Dark

Name: Luke Borrett
PSU role: Journalist
Age: 19

Game Title:
Killer 7 (PS2)
Publisher/Developer: Capcom sub division, Grasshopper
Release Date: 2005

Synopsis of the original game

Terrorism has evolved, in a most literal sense. The deformed, once human monsters known as Heaven Smile are little more than walking bombs, with a fixed grin and unnerving laugh. Only one man stands in their way, and that is wheelchair bound Harman Smith. What can he do? Well he can command his syndicate of seven split personalities: The Smith Syndicate, deadly assassins who happen to be under orders from the American government.

In a peaceful future, East and West collide in this psychologically charged, head scratching, wince inducing thriller of a game. The gameplay is truly unique, with ‘on rails’ 3rd person exploration and puzzle solving as the plot slowly unravels in a brilliantly misleading narrative combined with first person shooting when actually confronted with the deadly Heaven Smile. The seven playable characters provide varied combat to accommodate for different tastes, but all are vital with their abilities to the puzzle solving.

Described by many as one of the weirdest games in years, ‘Killer 7’ is not for the easily disturbed.

Why is the original so good?

The game is presented with the same style as a Quentin Tarrantino film is shot; I don’t even mean the stunning cel-shaded visuals here, every camera angle and character design is dripping with style and atmosphere. The plot is complex enough to match substance to all this style, and yet not all the loose ends are tied up. Like an art house film, half of the delight of ‘Killer 7’ is the interpretation of the player and deciding what you make of the tangled web of a plot that comes full circle to the big climax still leaving you wondering on many points. The soundtrack is subtle and blends well with the atmosphere as a whole, giving this game a very absorbing feel.

If more games dared to be this adventurous on all fronts, the industry would certainly be a lot more interesting. ‘Killer 7’ takes the formula players are used to, and turns everything upside down, purposefully throwing the player off track.

What would a PS3 remake/sequel add?

My hopes are high for what Suda-51 (Grasshopper head honcho) has in mind for the PlayStation 3. I wouldn’t necessarily hope for a direct sequel, and though a remake would no doubt be gorgeous, I’m itching to see new things from this fresh new studio. His ‘No More Heroes’ for the Wii with ambitious controls and play not far removed from the GTA series is already looking pretty special; I’d love to see the atmosphere he could create with superior graphic and sound hardware at his disposal.

There will be something, and if it’s anything like as ambitious and off the wall as ‘Killer 7‘, I for one wholeheartedly look forward to it. I have a feeling anything from this ‘different’ games company will feel like a sequel to ‘Killer 7’ in spirit at least.