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Game of the Month: June 2008

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June’s Game of the Month seemed like an easy decision for any PlayStation 3 console owner and we’re more than sure the same will go for all gaming media alike. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was unanimously chosen despite going up against stiff competition such as GRID and The Bourne Conspiracy. Much like Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing, GRID and other titles released in June unfortunately were released during the same time as the Michael Jordan (MGS4) of gaming hit the streets. This resulted in a handful of titles truly standing no chance against the best this generation has had to offer thus far.

Hideo Kojima has unarguably left his mark on the gaming industry as Guns of the Patriots was nothing short of a masterpiece. The title, which brought an end to the epic saga of Solid Snake, has also displayed the true potential of what next generation gaming has to offer. With incredible graphics that wholly immersed you within the surrounding atmosphere and a story that pulled you into the dramatic future of a world driven by the war economy, Metal Gear Solid 4 pulled no punches when it came to offering everything fans of the series had dreamed, waited and hoped for.

Personally, this was the first title in the series that I had played and I was deeply impressed. I had watched the entire Vol.2 DVD to make sure I had some idea what was going on and then I jumped into it. After getting through this unbelievable game, I found myself purchasing the Essential Collection just so I could enjoy the full-rounded experience. I have a feeling this game will leave a lasting impression in my gaming career that I soon won’t forget. They say the best games can stand the test of time and I feel that this holds true with Metal Gear Solid 4. Whether it is ten months or ten years from now, this game will still be one of the definitive titles of this generation as a whole.


Now that I got my opinion out of the way in regards to Metal Gear Solid 4, we’ll hear what the community had to say about their choice for Game of the Month.

“The 'last' stage in a brilliantly epic franchise as the story is the best to come from a game. Metal Gear Solid 4 wraps all of the important loose ends up in an amazing cinematic-oriented game that is complimented by possibly the best gameplay experience to date.

The graphics are arguably the best to date with no noticeable low resolution textures and the gameplay to cinematic sequences move seamlessly because of it all being on the in-game engine.

The usual 'Kojima Easter Eggs' are back and better than ever. The weapon choice and customization is abundantly varied with unlockables that make this story driven game highly replayable.

Buying this game will never make you feel short changed.” – Xelis


“It's the best game I've played this gen (and there are some strong contenders for that spot I can tell you). It's not perfect though. I was slightly disappointed in the textures at times - especially the ground ones given I spent so much time with my face in the dirt.

I thought the story line and cut scenes were the best I've ever experienced in a game although I did feel the end scenes were too drawn out and a bit too happy-happy.

I had a couple of other really minor niggles. I'd have liked to have had my iPod playing even when it wasn't equipped in my item slot. And I wish I could have jumped a little or/and ran a tad faster but then again, it is a tactical stealth game and that's probably just me.

The technical crowning moments of glory for this game though has to be its audio and the character animations. Nothing has come close to it this generation!” – Sparc


Overall, gamers have been blessed with an exceptional title that not only critics, but all gamers have deemed one of the greatest of all time. This fully brings the month of June to a close on the gaming front. Wth the monthly recap already up and our Game of the Month covered here, we look ahead to July and what E3 and the games to be released shall bring.