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Game of the Month: October 2008

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FIFA 09. Dead Space. BioShock. Saints Row 2. SOCOM: Confrontation. Far Cry 2. Fallout 3. While each of these titles represents arguably some of biggest gaming experiences you’ll find this year, none of them could quite match the juggernaut that is Media Molecule’s universally acclaimed platformer, LittleBigPlanet.

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Fronted by the decidedly cute and lovable SackBoy and friends, LittleBigPlanet has captured the hearts of million of gamers worldwide, both the young and old. Perceived by many as the new Mario for the 21st century, Media Molecule has created a title that allows you to flex your creative muscles in one family-friendly, instantly accessible platform romp. Despite some setbacks, which ultimately lead to the game being recalled worldwide for a brief period, LittleBigPlanet arrived on the scene to glowing reviews, ultimately living up to the hype of its adoring fan base and delivering in virtually every conceivable aspect.

As you can see from our review, SackBoy’s ambitious gem offers an unprecedented amount of replay value, and our forum members certainly share the same sentiment. We’ve compiled some feedback from our community below, which we feel helps solidify it as not only our Game of the Month, but perhaps our Game of the Year once all is said and done.


"The game is so awesome. The graphics are better than I expected, and to be honest, you have to sit and relax for a second to truly appreciate it. I mean there's so much going on that I didn't realize how detailed scenery was until I just stopped and looked around. My girlfriend and I played all night, trying to get 100% on the 1st three levels. We're still missing a few prize bubbles somewhere." - dnut24

"I am completely blown away by LittleBigPlanet. Media Molecule are great developers and I am thankful that Phil Harrison pushed this game so much. This game is what PlayStation has always been about, innovation. If this isn't a system seller, I don't know what is. I am just completely satisfied as a gamer right now and thought I would share it with you all. I was sitting in class today thinking about LittleBigPlanet, I made sketches for the level I am going to create! I haven't been that into a game in awhile, that's my little rant of how great the game is! If you own a ps3, you owe it to yourself to own LittleBigPlanet." - rockousaf

"Wow! I had this game for over a week so I've been playing it throughout. The team at Media Molecule has put together something really amazing. The level that I was most impressed with by far was the one in India. Great Magician's Palace is the name I think. It's incredible the amount of depth and detail that goes into each level. It really does make the user made levels in the beta seem inferior to a good extent. I am excited to see what people come up with once the servers are live. I still have a lot of stickers to collect through the various levels, so I have a lot more playing to do." - tyboogie

Stay tuned for next month's feature, where we'll be plucking the winner from another batch of stellar outings as the likes of Mirror's Edge and Valkyria Chronicles find themselves competing for our award against the hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive, Resistance 2.