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Exclusive: New 2 Days to Vegas gameplay footage

Continuing with our exclusive 2 Days to Vegas coverage, PSU has managed to nab two all-new gameplay videos on the upcoming action-shooter for your viewing pleasure. What you are about to see is still a work in progress, though it still provides an early insight into the shooting mechanics and various car chase sequences throughout the game.

According to Steel Monkeys' Tim Dvoskin, elements such as physics and animations will be polished further as development continues.

"Textures we will deal with as well, but to the lesser extent, as we feature 3 major cities and highways, and there is a limit to the amount of art resource we can throw at it - cannot compare with corridor-like games," said Dvoskin.

The first video features the main character Vinny at one of the game's strip clubs engaged in a heated gun battle, giving us a look at the game's cover system. Meanwhile, the second video provides an early look at one of the games car chase scenes where Vinny has to evade the mobsters chasing him.

Check out the videos below and stay tuned for all new details from Steel Monkey later today.

2 Days to Vegas 'Strip Club' Gameplay (download HD version here)

2 Days to Vegas "Car Chase Shootout" Gameplay (download HD version here)