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Top 5 PS3 commercials that had us hooked

When you watch TV, what's the thing you hate the most? Commercials, right? Perhaps other than Super Bowl commercials, TV spots are generally a signal to hit the mute button or fetch a quick snack from the kitchen. However, once in a while an ad comes to the television waves that sparks our interest, leaving us glued to the screen throughout its duration.

Sony Computer Entertainment is a major contributor in this area, having marketed its PlayStation 3 console over the past two years in a plethora unique – and often, bizarre – manners, each designed for specific audiences or designed to convey a certain message. PSU.com has decided to compile some of the platform holder’s most celebrated TV spots, providing a look at the ads that helped sway us into purchasing Sony’s black box, and that continue to put a smile on our face to this day.

5. "Strange Baby"

In this TV spot, a baby doll appears demonically possessed in the presence of a new PlayStation 3, crying tears and spouting mad laughter. An unforgettable, if somewhat ambiguous effort that ranks amongst some of the most bizarre console marketing attempts we’ve seen.

4. "This is Living"

Part of the infamous “This is Living” campaign targeted at European territories, this outlandish TV spot focuses on PS3’s ever updating technology, noting how the Cell processor allows games to stay one step ahead of the pack.

3. "Sketch"

This commercial cements itself a place on our list by way of pure creativity. Through speed drawings and paintings, the ad is able to show off all the PS3's features and functions in a unique and captivating manner.

2. "Smarter"

Probably one of the best videos in the "Play Beyond" series, this viral ad discusses how the PS3's revolutionary Cell processor allows for more intelligently crafted games. Covering everything from A.I. simulation to physics, this was one of the first ads to really explain in layman's terms what Cell is capable of.

1. "Universe of Entertainment"

To kick off the 2007 holiday season, Sony released this TV spot entitled "Universe of Entertainment." Noted for its meticulously crafted CGI to display all the PS3's features and upcoming titles, along with a stellar soundtrack in the form of Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva, this ranks as our favourite marketing advertisement Sony has released for the PS3 thus far.

Sony is currently running an ad campaign called "Reflections," which uses three 15 second TV spots to build up to the main campaign that'll kick off November 21. Hopefully Sony can carry the tradition and pull off some amazing marketing this holiday season. With titles such as LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, PlayStation Home and Resistance 2 to build off of, we're confident they'll deliver.