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PSU Impressions: God of War III trailer

15 December 2008

What is probably one of the most anticipated games for 2009, God of War III finally reared its head again during Sunday’s Spike TV Video Game Award show, showcasing the first in-game footage of the title in action. After viewing the trailer a few times and carefully analyzing each action sequence, here are our overall impressions of the video, and what we hope to see in the coming months as Sony releases more on the title.

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Justin Pinter
Senior Journalist

After my first viewing of the trailer, I wasn't really all that impressed. Perhaps it was the amazingly huge hype behind it, or perhaps it was just that the footage shown wasn't all that mind blowing. However, after my second and third viewing, and watching the trailer frame by frame in high definition, my feelings have changed.

According to Sony, God of War III will be running at 1080p resolutions and at 60fps, which is very impressive for the amount of detail in the textures. Also, watching the trailer frame by frame, you can see animations and how fluid they play out. Everything from Kratos's eyes and mouth movements to his body textures and fluid animations, you can see how much time the developers have put into creating a unsurpassed experience.

With the showing of the new wolf headed gloves, it seems like melee combat will play a bigger role in God of War with players using the new weapon to bash and smash enemies. Also, the wall run seems to be a new mechanic. Not sure yet if this is something that is controlled by the player or if it's a pre-scripted event, much like the button combo sequences in the first two titles.

My guess is that the gameplay that was shown is from early alpha build and I hope that we will see improvements over the following months. If you add up the total amount of gameplay footage that was shown, there is only about 17secs. To me, that's more of a teaser than a full out gameplay trailer. Hopefully it's not too long before Sony decides to show us more.


Mike Harradence
Senior Editor

I’ll come clean immediately – I’ve never played God of War. There, I said it. However, in a way, with the third instalment looming, I couldn’t think of a better time to appreciate the obvious appeal of Kratos’ hulking, muscle-bound antics, and the urge to pick up both God of War and its mammoth sequel is very much a staple on my collective gaming consciousness since clapping eyes on yesterday’s thrilling footage.

Admittedly, I was suitably impressed. While I’d hardly classify myself as an expert on the series, all my pre-conceptions were certainly met and ultimately surpassed. Lush visuals, hulking beasts, not to mention an ample array of moves in which to dispatch them.

The visuals were a particular highlight for such an early sneak peak, from Kratos’ brooding, glum appearance to the rough, scaly features on the various creatures that our hero promptly batters. The sheer scale of the enemies certainly dwarfs anything this side of Resident Evil 5, so it looks like we’re in for some decidedly mammoth boss fights. As a newcomer, I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Sony has up its sleeves for the title in terms of locations, boss fights and any new gameplay mechanics the team has come up with.

All in all, I’m stocked for Kratos’ latest outing and expect more information to show up over the next couple of months.


With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves releasing sometime during the Fall of next year, we expect that God of War III may be an early 2010 release. Sony has yet to give an official release date, but it would seem more likely than not.


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