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PSU Version 3 launches!

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on 31 January 2009

If you're reading this article, you're browsing the new version of We've been working on "Version 3" of the site behind the scenes for a long time, and today we finally launched it. Hooray!

PSU Version 3 is far more than a mere layer of visual finesse (though it certainly does look quite pretty). We wanted to make the site more functional, yet simpler to navigate. That task took a great deal of time and effort, but we're extremely proud of the final product. While we realize there might still be a few minor kinks to work out, we'll continue to polish PSU and the new PS3Forums until we're 100% satisfied with their functionality. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the new and improved PlayStation Universe!

New Features:

-- Full Browser Compatibility
PSU should work perfectly in such browsers as Firefox 2 and 3, Safari, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Google Chrome, and even the PS3 Browser!

-- Easier Navigation
New site-wide breadcrumb (always know where you are) and an article page navigation module for quick content browsing


-- Increased Forum Integration
Tighter integration of PS3Forums with PSU, with featured PSU content on the PS3Forums homepage

-- Streamlined Media Galleries
New gallery layouts for images, videos, and wallpapers


-- New Search
Improved search with filters; it's easier to find what you are looking for with specific categories like games, news, themes, and forums

-- Trophy Portal
Get all the latest PS3 Trophy news in the Trophy portal

-- Events Overview
Hear about all the latest upcoming PlayStation releases, PlayStation Network (firmware) updates, and game industry events all in the events overview


-- Upgraded PS3 Theme Section
Browse and download free PS3 Themes in the improved PS3 Theme section

-- Revamped Gamepages
Get all the info on your favorite games on their gamepages


Coming Soon:

-- More PS3Forums Improvements
Better browser support for the new PS3Forums (we are aware that there are a few launch bugs)