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Game of the Month: January 2010

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on 3 February 2010

And there we have it – the first month in the 2010 gaming calendar is behind us. After spending roughly a fortnight stuffing our faces with treats and clocking up copious amounts of hours of game time on our PlayStation 3’s over the Christmas Holidays, we were pretty chuffed to be able to indulge in yet more gaming goodness during a traditional quiet period as the New Year kicked off.

Indeed, January 2010 got off to a fine start, with SEGA’s stellar outing Bayonetta raising the proverbial bar for the extreme action genre first coined by Devil May Cry way back in 2001. Then we have Massive Action Game (MAG), which represents a giant leap in the online console gaming scene, with the shooter able to accommodate a whopping 256 players during a match.

So, what did we ultimately plump for? Before we go any further, let it be known that this wasn’t an easy decision, and once again pretty much split the entire team at PSU Towers down the middle. However, in this case, Bayonetta took the crown for our Game of the Month: January 2010 accolade. And yes, we’re aware that many of you were none too impressed with the game, so this will likely be perceived as a highly controversial decision. However, we stand by our assertion that Bayonetta deserved the 9 we awarded it, and as great of an achievement MAG is in terms of the number of players it can accommodate, it doesn’t really challenge many of the fundamental principles of first-person shooters. Horrible loading times aside, Bayonetta delivered the goods and felt a much more refreshing experience.

As our review summarises, “Bayonetta has it all. It’s stylish, compelling, and – besides some minor visual discrepancies - bloody jaw dropping in the looks department (and no, we’re not just talking about the eponymous heroine, either, although she certainly is easy on the eyes). Despite some incomprehensibly overwhelming battles, you’ll quickly become addicted to Bayonetta’s witty dialogue, additive gameplay and eye-popping production values. After clapping eyes on this latest contender in the stylish action genre, Devil May Cry indeed. Not to be missed.”

As always, here's what a few of our readers had to say on the game:

I'm playing this game now and it is great. Very Addicting.  If you like anime then you will love this game.  good story, good controls and So far a very long game. It's not easy also. One Boss Took me about 15 lives to kill it.  The Hair weave powers are great. I'm a huge gamer and this game took me by suprise.  It's a break from playing alot of shooters.” – regissreg

this game needed a install feature, but still amazing.” – BOZTRADAMUS (Note that an install patch has since been released)

i Bought this Two days ago and Im pretty Satisfied. Bayonetta is pretty addictive and its like over The top Action. Its pretty cool and funny.” – hvnlyswrd08

Be sure to tune in again this time next month, where we will be determining what title bags our Game of the Month award for February 2010. Needless to say, with Heavy Rain, Dante’s Inferno and BioShock 2 all due to hit store shelves this month, it’ll be a tough choice to say the least.